July 31, 2019
Balfin’s voluntary employee contribution helps communities in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

Being responsible does not mean just being accountable for your actions, but paying special attention to those who, by their actions, find it impossible to be in the same position as many of us. Being responsible with nature, to the environment around us and where we live, to those who want to be educated but unable, or to people who for one reason or another, do not enjoy the warmth, support or attention many of us do, are just some of the dimensions of being accountable.

Accountability is the link that unites engagement with the outcome. At the end of the day, with what we do for others, we hold ourselves accountable and our success depends on what we do.

Balfin Group has conducted, over the last two months, June-July 2019, a wide-ranging and comprehensive campaign with a large number of its employees, in some of the countries where it operates, and with impact in various areas, such as social, environmental, educational, and so on, to promote one of the Group’s core values, Accountability.

What other organizations or institutions in this profile need a year or more to accomplish, Balfin Group employees accomplished in a record two months, reaching out to communities in many cities across Albania, crossing the country’s borders and extending its activities in Kosovo and Macedonia.

A total of 21 Balfin companies in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, and over 2,000 engaged employees, dedicated over 1,000 hours of volunteer work through 18 special activities and programs designed and organized in detail by themselves and focusing on: families in need, children with special needs, women and children who are victims of domestic violence, the elderly, individuals with Down Syndrome, orphaned children, recycling paper or plastic materials, as well as cleaning the premises and awareness raising campaigns for various causes. The personal contributions of the employees totaled over 10,000€.

Balfin Group is fully focused and committed to providing support for the community, a process led by the group’s senior leaders under the special care of President Samir Mane.

Contribution and social impact

The activity and contribution made during this campaign focused on:

  • Support and attention to children and young people with Down Syndrome in Albania and Kosovo, with the commitment of Fashion Group Albania, Jumbo Kosova and Neptun Kosova. Fashion Group Albania will enable the employment of some young people who have this syndrome.
  • Elderly and orphaned children, women victims of domestic violence, children and young people with special needs. Group companies involved were Albchrome, ACREM, Milsped / Stella Mare, Elektroservis, SPAR Albania, Balfin shpk, New CO Ferronikeli in Kosovo.
  • Cleaning the environment, recycling plastic materials, recycling paper. The contributing companies were Balfin Real Estate, Green Coast and Mante TCI, Neptune Macedonia, NetTrade (Aladini) and Tirana Bank.
  • Awareness of Jumbo Albania’s beach safety rules of over 1200 customers was an innovation.