December 12, 2018
Balfin supports Tourism’s excellent students through Green Coast, the first grant that precedes hiring is awarded

Kristjan Kola from the city of Vlora, who currently studies at the Faculty of Economics in the University of Tirana, Tourism Management branch, was declared the winner of a scholarship awarded by Green Coast Company, which operates in the elite tourism sector. This contribution comes within the framework of activities, organized by this company in undertaking concrete steps to create a sustainable tourism.

Achieving high scores during the first year of Master studies was the main criterion in his selection to be awarded with the Excellence Scholarship for the academic year 2018 – 2019.

In order to support and promote students that live in the southern Area of Albania, as a potential to be employed near the Green Coast structures at the end of their studies, Green Coast company praised his origin as another selection criterion.

“The development of a sustainable tourism platform, starts with the development of human resources, the rise and the development of the area capacities, the creation of a professionalism standard in order to increase local employment,” said Ermelinda Nezaj, Director of the Human Resources Department , at Green Coast.

Considering the rising of emigration levels and the real hardship that the company faces nowdays on the ground, Green Coast prioritize finding the right contingent and then further training them. This company considers this involvement, not only a direct investment to have a skilled workforce in the southern area of the country, but also as a valuable contribution to the further supporting this region.

“The scholarship for the student Kristjan Kola is the first that Green Coast grants, to assess and support Tourism,” said Evis Ҫeliku, Executive Director of Green Coast Resort. “This scholarship will be followed by others in the coming years, turning this initiative into a tradition that supports national tourism and human capacity development,” – she added.

Green Coast Resort, with a worth of € 100 million, is the most important investment of the Balfin Group in Albania. The stylish project, strategically built in Palasa, one of the most beautiful villages of the Albanian Riviera, is a rare resort not only to Albania but also to the entire Mediterranean region.

For more information on the Green Coast Project, visit, contact / or at +355 698034444/0692020073.