August 9, 2017
Balfin Training Academy and the professional development of our employees – Interview with Eltion Koci

Training and our employees’ professional development are the focus of Human Resources Management. With the purpose for a continuous investment in your professional development, Balfin Group undertakes every year different trainings to improve your professional skills. Training is crucial for organizational development and success. It is fruitful to both employers and employees of an organization. Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees.

Eltion Koçi is the Treasury Manager for Balfin Group since November 2016. During his daily work, he is responsible not only for optimizing funds, financing, revenues and expenditure at group level, but also for coordinating and sustaining ongoing support for companies in their work with the financial institutions. Eltion comes from a long 11-year experience in the banking system, where he worked in the treasury department. He has also been involved in numerous projects financed by foreign donors where he has held the position of the project manager. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Eltion has been engaged in many volunteer student initiatives, participated in national and international competitions about entrepreneurship, a period during which he was trained and served as a trainer in specialized training centers.

Recently, Eltion has participated in training sessions developed by the Balfin Training Academy, from whom he was really impressed.

Eltion which are the biggest challenges you face in your work?

Balfin Group is a very dynamic group, and following the pace of developments within it is a challenge itself for every person coming from outside the group. Another feature and challenge of the group is the variety of industries in which it operates, each having its own specific issues and for which you need full information. But on the other hand this strong dynamic of the group is accompanied by a working team where the spirit of cooperation prevails. The colleagues I work with are professional and always ready to give their support and contribution.

Recently you participated in one of the trainings developed by the Balfin Training Academy – What was the topic and how do you think this training helps in your professional growth?

The training, part of the Balfin Academy’s training cycle, treated the subject of building a team and managing it efficiently. I have had the opportunity to be part of many trainings of the same topic, both as a participant and as a trainer, and I can say that this was the training that gave me the most positive impression from all. Not because the trainer taught us something we did not know, but about how the training modules and the active engagement of all the participants were treated.

Since I come from other experiences outside the Balfin Group, I can tell you that Balfin is among the few companies in Albania that invest in staff through training. I have the conviction, starting from the very positive experience during my training, that this very good initiative will help the professional development of all participants giving a positive result also to the work that each of us performs. 

What were the expectations of the training and how were they achieved?

As I mentioned above, through many trainings of the similar topic, my expectations were for a medium and highly theoretical training. Fortunately, the result was higher than expectations, as the training not only was not theoretical, but turned to be too practical, requiring continuous engagement and co-operation of all participants, and where the trainer did not act as a lecturer but as instigator of discussions and exchanges of our experiences.

It’s a pleasure to be part of a group that seriously evaluates investing in its human resources. This is an added value not only for the group but also for the staff who will benefit greatly from these trainings.