June 11, 2018
Balfin Week at UET – Balfin Group comes to university auditors

In the framework of the strategic partnership between Balfin Group and the European University of Tirana, last week were held the “Balfin Week at UET”, which consisted of open lectures with UET students, where were invited some of the top executives of the Balfin Group .

This week’s lecturers were:

Anjeza Kelmendi – Group’s Human Resources Director
Nora Ilirjani – Recruitment & Career Development Manager
Eltion Koçi – Treasury Manager
Eris Kasmi – Director of Communication and PR

Students of Business Administration had the opportunity to learn more about the importance given to the management of human resources in Balfin and what it really means to work for a corporation like Balfin.
Students of Economics and Finance were introduced to financial risks in a corporate. Meanwhile, students of Marketing and Communication were introduced with some case studies on how could be managed and solved a crisis communication.

Balfin Group and the European University of Tirana have already signed a long-term memorandum, which consists of a new cooperation in order to approach the university to business and vice versa.