February 27, 2020
“Bigger And Better”, Neptun unveils its vision for 2020

Through its 11th annual conference, Neptun summed up the closing of another very successful year. 2019 was a successful year in terms of business, but even more in perfecting human resources training and harmony, that are the most valuable asset of the company, according to speeches given at the event by the company executives themselves, its partners but also the Balfin Group executives. In 2020 the goal of growth remains the same, with the consumer still under the spotlight.

The conference’s concept was the relay, where the analogy was used to show the daily work routine of all the Neptun’s staff and its partners. The main motto that was launched at the event and will be used throughout the year was: “Bigger & Better”. Over 400 people participated, including Neptun employees, Beko partners, Balfin associates and executives as well as other companies part of the group.

Alexandros Kosenas, CEO of Neptun, spoke about the road to success that has been followed in the 27 years by the company, the contribution and development of the retail sector and organizational strategies for the period to come, also about the challenges set by the earthquake of 2019. He thanked all the employees and partners who are constantly part of Neptun’s journey as well as their easy adaptation to the changes and difficulties encountered during the year. Mr. Kosenas made clear the company’s goals for 2020 and said that all together would be bigger and better in this industry.

According to the speech of Ms. Evis Tartale, Director of Commercial and Marketing Division, goals for 2020 remain development, personalized customer service, creating a better digital experience and expanding Neptun’s products and services. A special acknowledgment was given to the staff of Neptun Durrës, who, despite the situation the city was facing, remained at work more motivated than ever.

The event closed with a speech by the Executive Director of the Balfin Group, Mrs. Edlira Muka. She noted the Group’s ventures in the organized retail sector and wished Neptun a successful 27 years in the market. “It’s really a great thrill to see you grow and improve on a daily basis and capture the true essence of the market: customer service and putting it at your center of attention,” – said Ms. Muka.

A very important part of the conference was the award ceremony, where “Neptun Kavaja” was announced as the best shop for 2019 and with the highest performance.

Neptun operates not only in Albania but also in the region and beyond. In North Macedonia, Neptun is the leader of the relevant market, also in Kosovo, where it is expanding day by day, being present in most of the country.