August 31, 2018
Buying by directly Contributing to a Very Human Cause / How Neptun and Balfin Group Enable President Mane’s Engagement

Neptun is the first company of Balfin Group, established since 1993, when it started its journey as a small and modest shop in the main boulevard of Tirana. Today, Neptun is recognized as the leader in the electronics and technology equipment market, extending throughout Albania with a network of 26 stores, but also overseas, in various Balkan countries.

Neptun is also a major employer, which has experienced progressive growth. The company is expected to increase its employment index by 25% by 2018, moving from 325 employees to a total of 406.

Five years ago it counted about 16 stores in Tirana and in the main districts of the country, while today the number of shops is 26 and some other sales points are planned to be completed next. The latest opening was the store in Laç city and this year will continue with the expansion with 3 new franchise openings to be as close as possible to customers in every corner of Albania.

Neptun’s slogan is “We work every day to improve your living conditions” and over the years the company has met its objectives by changing the way of purchasing household products on an organized sales network with products from official partners and with warranties, easing forms of payment, additional services, customer care after purchase etc.

But the mission does not end there, as the desire to improve and bring the company to the next level is great. “We will work in this direction, putting in the first plan the customer experience and meeting its requirements with our service and advanced technological features that improve everyday living,” – says Greta Lekaj, Marketing Director of the company.

The “Happy” card, the clients contribute directly to an important cause

In addition to the business profile, Neptun for three years offers support in various forms for two centers that treat children with Down Syndrome, Jonathan Center and Down Syndrome Albania (DSA), under the special attention and special contribution that the President of Balfin Group, Samir Mane , devotes to social responsibility.

Specifically, Neptun offers a monthly percentage of the sales of the “Happy” card to help the two centers. So this card does not only serve customers to benefit from Neptun’s offers and promotions, but through it part of the income returns to the community, more specifically to this needy group, contributing to covering a portion of the costs for treatment programs children or their premises. This support has started since 2016 and is intended to be offered at least for a 3-year period.

Asked why Neptun contributes to the social sphere, Greta Lekaj further states: “Societies are created and developed in a particular community with which they interact. It is very important to think long-term and to turn something into this community, from which you take too much. In this way we influence the improvement of the general culture, we approach people working for a social purpose, promote volunteering, promote personal growth and improve the quality of service”.

Direct impact on the lives of toddlers with down syndrome

Emanuela Zaimi, founder and Executive Director of the Down Syndrome Albania Foundation, is grateful for the contribution that Neptun has made to its center: “Since January 2017 Neptun has joined us as a sponsor of therapeutic services. At first, Neptun donated for DSA a percentage of the monthly card sales of the “Happy” card, and since January this year, Neptun has paid a fixed monthly contribution to the DSA, the revenue coming from the card in question” – she says.

Down Syndrome Albania Foundation was founded in October 2013 by Emanuela as a mother of a child with Down Syndrome (Arbi, currently 7 years old), with the aim of institutionalizing parental voice through advocacy and lobbying for the rights and needs of individuals with Down syndrome in Albania, as well as the beginning of providing quality and comprehensive services for children, DS adults and their parents.

“The impact of Neptun’s monthly sponsorship is enormous, as with our monthly donors, we are unable to provide continuity of services. DSA does not have any financial support from the state for its services, and on the other hand, parents are unable to pay for the real cost of services (1500-2000 lek / hour therapy). What the state gives us each month for our children are 10,000 leks, which are primarily intended to cope with livelihoods and not to make available therapeutic services that the child needs. The services DSA offers, and their quality, are not provided in the state facilities. Early intervention therapy for DS children increases their potential for general education and education along with their peers, and provides the right skills for an active family and community life” – said Emanuela.

In this center, thanks to the contribution of Neptun, 37 children with Down syndrome, aged 0-11, from Tirana and other cities, receive specialized therapeutic services. Near DSA, these children receive individual therapy such as developmental therapy, language and speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and pedagogical assistance services (school-aged children).

Also, the Jonathan Center, which was founded in 2011, by Oreada Kita (who has a grandson with down syndrom, Jonathan, from whom she also named the center) is a nonprofit organization that aims to help children with Down Syndrome autistic or children with similar special needs and to raise awareness of their families to achieve the best in their lives.

The center is located on Kavaja Street in Tirana and there are currently being treated, thanks to the contribution of Neptun, a total of 43 children and young people. Inside the center, the “At Johnny” bar is opened, where they try to activate young people with down syndrome. Neptun has been engaged over many years in environmental protection activities, joining several times with the initiative of the Municipality of Tirana “for a clean city”.