June 30, 2022
CEO of Neptun Kosova: We will soon expand to Gjakova and Malisheva

Economic instability and high inflation rates have had a significant impact on the authorized retail resale sector for household appliances in Kosovo. Quickly adapting to the difficulties brought by the reflection of the global crisis in the domestic market, Neptun Kosova, part of BALFIN Group, is investing in two main directions: network expansion and technologies that improve internal process.

Neptun Kosovo’s CEO, Faruk Ademi, briefly explains Neptun’s plans and the current situation.

What are Neptun’s plans, will there be an expansions and new stores in Kosovo?

In the short term, the expansion chain includes two new openings in Gjakova and Malisheva, cities where we are not yet present. Meanwhile, in the long run, the expansion trend will continue to cover the country’s map with Neptun’s blue colour.

What can you tell us about your cooperation with international partners? Who are they and how do you interact with them?

Our portfolio includes the world’s most powerful brands, which through their products continue to leave important traces in the world of technology, such as Apple, LG, Samsung, Sony, Beko, Grundig, Philips, and many more. In addition, the ongoing market fluctuations resulting from the recently built crisis have exacerbated the post-pandemic difficulties, both in terms of logistics and in terms of price increase caused by a shortage in raw materials. However, we remain committed to strengthening the bridges of cooperation and providing ways for interaction to avoid blocking the work processes.

Neptun is seen as the supplier of the latest technology in the homes of citizens. How is Neptun Kosovo itself benefiting from technology?

A first step in the technology that Neptun is implementing in Kosovo is the digitalization of the system, an innovation that will ensure the most effective management of day-to-day operations in each segment. Beyond the tendency to follow the pace of digitalization, this initiative will move the level of operational action to another scale. The integration of all units through the intelligent system will enable the reflection of business performance in analytical and visual reports, easily readable and comparable.

Which platforms or applications are used to reward consumers?

Our Loyalty program “haPPy”, whose sole scope since its launch is the rewarding of our customers through the scheme of promotional prices and coupons from the points collected.

What is your performance forecast for the rest of the year?

Judging by the fact that we are impacted by the constant economic changes not only at a national but also at an international level, we forecast a decline in performance and difficulties, compared to last year. Therefore, for a growth trend trajectory, a strong and rapid economic recovery is needed. However, we are constantly accommodating prices in line with consumer demand and organizing campaigns that raise awareness not only of the challenging prices but also of the rewards as an added value of promotion. In addition, dynamics similar to these will be followed throughout the year. Thus, we see such challenges as opportunities to embrace positive changes, like the digital transformation, which has significantly altered consumer behaviour and the way industries operate.