March 21, 2019
Contemporary minimalist architecture, class and chic only at Green Coast Resort!

Architecture is art and science. From ancient times, it was defined as a co-ordination of the three elements: “Beauty” (Venustas), “Fortitude” (Firmitas) and “Functionality” (Utilitas); while in modern times architecture is articulated as a combination of aesthetics, structure and function.

The style of architecture at Green Coast Resort is contemporary-minimalist, with Mediterranean spirit and as such characterized by clean, readable lines, simplicity in form and function, volume of space full of light, class and elegance.

In the minimalist style, even the materials used are carefully selected, which on one hand express the highest construction technology and, on the other hand, the ultimate aesthetic simplicity. The featured materials are wood and glass based materials, in contrast to the rough but also beautiful nature of the area, featuring stone walls and pavements with pebble compositions.

“A unique characteristic of this project and at the same time a technological challenge are the large villas’s window, which minimize the boundary between the interior and the outside, depending on the need of the inhabitants. These windows, in addition to the comfort and thermal ease much needed for a resort on a Mediterranean Mediterranean coast, also allow residents to maximally enjoy the nature and create an extraordinary emotional connection with it, “ – said Jonida Buda, Green Coast Project Manager.

“The challenge of Green Coast Resort’s architects has been to maintain the ratio of natural light and the volumes of the villas. This report also creates the artistic ‘play’ of this light composition, a contemporary art that is demanded by the dynamics of time “– stresses Mrs. Buda.

Another advantage of this project is the positioning of the villas, which allows each one of those to be sea-facing and at the same time from rigid structure and restricted to the side windows, the privacy of the resident is respected.

The interior spaces are characterized by regular forms and rational surfaces, which best meet the needs and needs of a family. The first floor of the villa, dedicated to the living, dining and cooking environment, has an “open space” style that allows flexibility and dynamism in the furnishing. The second floor is dedicated to the sleeping area, with balcony and large windows, where the Brisoleil element also appears. Brisoleil or the vertical liner, is another architectural innovation for the project, which in addition to the aesthetic aspect, also has a functional aspect in terms of shading and breaking the sunlight. Brisoleil has a wood base, technologically processed, a fact that brings a greater durability and longer lifespan, in accordance with the atmospheric conditions of the coast.

The Green Coast Resort promenade also has a minimalist style, with wood and stone based materials, designed with a very dynamic architecture, which favors visitors to experience a unique and very enjoyable experience. The promenade units are designed with plenty of space and at a high altitude, the upper part of which will be pebbled like the gorgeous Palasa beach.

The promenade is designed by the Italian studio “Iraci Architect”, which is awarded the first place prize for this promenade by the prestigious magazine “The Plan”, one of the most popular European magazines dedicated to architecture and design.

Another advantage of the Green Coast Resort is the greening project, thanks to which the area will be enriched with a variety of Mediterranean plants and in particular along the promenade there will be green oases, very suitable for sports activities and relaxation.

Nazar Beach, the elite restaurant on the Green Coast promenade, reflects a free, unique and unusual design inspired by the “boho chic” style and people with a free and artistic spirit. The combination of basic natural materials, such as wood and straw, and the selection of warm colors of the earth, reflect an original, seemingly simple but striking style.

This summer season has alot to offer for anyone: sea, sun and the stunning architecture of Green Coast Resort!

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For more information about the Green Coast Project, visit or contact: ; +355 698014999.