August 20, 2018
Curiosity increases / 4 “high tech” cinemas, bars and restaurants, what’s next in QTU

New details emerge from the QTU, the first shopping center in the country, which is being restored, to come bigger and more varied than before. The structure will come with a second floor added, which will mainly be dedicated to entertainment and gastronomy.
The second floor will feature the country’s most modern cinemas, as Cineplexx will bring the latest tech sound to it, as well as having a special outdoor terrace restaurant and a choice of different types of restaurant. There will also be the most unique corner for children games.

The center’s surface will be increased by 14,000m2, reaching a total of 41,000 square meters.

High technology in the surveillance and airing system

The surveillance and security system will be of the latest technology, and in accordance to European Union standards. QTU will be among the first commercial centers to use the technological innovations of the Building Management System, which makes it possible to create ideal conditions for customers at the center. It is a system that allows air purification, creates the ideal temperature saving energy and using plenty of natural resources. QTU will maintain its system, as an easily permeable, easily orientable center and with a very orientate signaling.

Who are the new brands?

The main shops will come in bigger format and will be all renovated. The store variety will be much wider, and always affordable in terms of prices. “For the first time in Albania, QTU will have brands such as Newyorker, Mango Men, LC Waikiki Home, Alcott, TAFF and others to be added to other well-known international brands such as Koton, Bershka, Stradivarius, Tezenis, Calzedonia, etc. While shops like Jumbo, Neptun, SPAR, Okaidi etc. will come up with updated formats according to the most contemporary concepts of these companies, ” – says Mariola Radovani, Executive Director of ACREM, the company dealing with the management of TEG and QTU shopping centers. According to Radovani, “all this will create a possible a very complete offer for what has been and remains the pit-stop of all Albanians since the year 2005, when the center was established”.

Surprises in gastronomy / From fast food to the Italian restaurant on the veranda

A strong refreshment point of QTU will definitely be gastronomy. With exterior and interior settings, restaurants with traditional, modern or fast-food cuisine will make it easier for everyone to choose their favorite cuisine.

  • • A self-service subject, with traditional Albanian menu.
  • • A confectionery where high quality cakes are served.
  • • As well as a veranda with a classy restaurant with Italian cuisine, where visitors can enjoy the delicacy of pizza, pastas, rice and confectionery “Made in Italy”.

Children’s corner with EU products, for higher health security

QTU will have the largest children’s corner in the country. Toys will be of a European production standard, which means more safety and quality for the hygiene and health of children, with nature-friendly and non-toxic materials CE certified. It is not just about an angle where children can play, because it will be a space to organize parties, seminars, making it the only games corner that has two spaces, the interior, as well as the outside.

Cinema Cineplexx brings the latest technology

In addition, QTU is expected to have for the first time 4 Cineplex cinemas, of an even higher and more modern quality. It is about the latest technology that the Cineplexx cinema network has introduced in Europe. The hall will be complete with comfortable seating and, most importantly, there will be no queues to cut tickets, as they can be easily taken through some specialty vehicles.

Did you know that?

  • • QTU is the first shopping center in Albania.
  • • It is visited by about 7.1 million people a year.
  • • Its new space will be extended to an area of 41,000m2.
  • • The new cinema will have 4 Cineplexx halls.
  • • Gastronomy will have a new concept, with exterior and interior restaurants.
  • • The playground for children will also be the largest in the country and with indoor and outdoor environments.

QTU is part of Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region, also known for investments in TEG and SEG shopping centers, in residential and commercial development, in tourism with projects such as the Green Coast Resort and the Vala Mar Residences, the fashion and mining industry, as well as retail sales activities with Neptun, Jumbo, SPAR, etc.