June 20, 2017
Differently able people find employment in Balfin Group

CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility nowadays has a major impact on motivating, developing and retaining employees. An International Study on Social Responsibility for Human Resource Managers, conducted by the Human Resource Management Society, reveals that CSR practices are seen as very important in employee morale, in their loyalty, protection, recruitment of the best employees, and in the productivity of any business. Globally, Human Resource Managers are developing incentive and assessment systems that reflect sustainability, as well as hiring individuals who materialize these values.

Like many major international corporations, Balfin Group understands that critical factors for a successful CSR implementation include having a comprehensive vision that sanctions CSR as part of a strategic plan, high level management attention and engagement at board level, committed staff and provision of skills, tools and incentives. Of course, staff attendance and their dedication to developing CSR activities is fundamental to success. CSR can be placed in the brand of employees and is part of their value. Part of the social responsibility is also work for inclusion in the work processes of one of the most discriminated groups in today’s society, who are the persons with different abilities. These people are an unprotected group and often find no support to enable their proper integration into the labor market. A work started in 2016, has been finalized with concrete results in early 2017.

Balfin Group, has developed a special project having this category under attention and enabling the integration of these persons into the labor market. The project has started in collaboration with the Albanian Disability Rights Foundation (ADRF), where a special program for this category was mutually analyzed and implemented. The steps that followed the project from its beginnings to the full realization of the process include:
Initially, meetings and discussions between Balfin Group and ADRF were organized to determine vacancies that could best match the skills of the persons on the association’s lists.  Subsequently, identification and analysis of the positions in the field where these posts are applied. These positions / roles were analyzed simultaneously by representatives of ADRF and representatives of Balfin Group (Company Doctor and Human Resources Manager). After analyzing and setting positions and taking into account the vacancy requirements, shortlisting of possible candidacies on association lists was done.
The selected persons have gone through an interview and selection process on a recruitment panel. After the interviews were completed, the selection of persons for vacancies was made.
Meanwhile, the association is active to support with relevant training the employees in the business sector, so that they can assist the integration of people with special needs in these work environments. All this process was concluded with the employment of these persons, who are currently employees of Balfin Group and are performing very well in the sectors they have been selected. Careful follow-up and importance of each step in this project conceived and developed by Balfin Group, in a very good cooperation with ADRF representatives, has been the guarantee of the success in this process. Balfin Group will continue to pay high attention to this group of jobseekers and will always try to come up with innovative ideas that facilitate and improve their integration into the labor market.

Balfin Group is one of the largest private investment groups in Albania and the region. The Group’s investment portfolio can be categorized into real estate development activities, retail, commercial or industrial space management and services, telecommunications, consumer finance, mining, energy, tourism, insurance and agriculture. Balfin Group is a leading actor in Albanian and international markets operating in 9 countries.

Balfin Group has created its reputation as the most active and innovative group thanks to successful investment ideas that have transformed and revolutionized not only the market but also the consumer behavior. Today, with its headquarters in Tirana, Balfin Group is present with its activities across the borders of Albania, in Austria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubai, Kosovo, Greece, Italy and America.