January 4, 2019
Difficult live conditions of Shira family in Bulqiza come to an end, Balfin Group’s President Mr.Samir Mane rebuilds their home

Balfin Group, under the special attention of its president Mr. Samir Mane, made it possible in a record time, within just 3 weeks, to fully rebuild the Shira family home in Bulqiza, who lived in miserable conditions, while the family’s head suffering from a serious illness.


The case was announced in the “Stop” Tv Show on TV Klan, where the head of the family Mr.Nexhmi Shira suffers from Parkinson’s, while the wife and three children sought for help with tears into their eyes.

The family’s elder girl appeared on the broadcast of December 7th 2018, she insisted that despite the conditions, she will become a doctor in the future. While the boy said that even though the rain falls inside the house, they eat inside it because they do not have where else to go.

Group’s President, Mr. Samir Mane, “Stop” and “Fundjava Ndryshe” have given a new life to the Shira family, building their dream home.

Now this family will have the opportunity to live in very good conditions.

“I thank “Stop” very much and mister Samir Mane for this New Year gift” – said the family’s elder girl. As head of the family Mr.Nexhmi Shira said that the bed they will have at the new home “we did not have either when we were married.”

“Thank you for the favour. Such home, I haven’t ever even imagined of, but ‘Tv Klan’, ‘Balfin Group’ and ‘Fundjava ndryshe’ made me happy and made a home to my children. Thank you, God bless you for sheltering my children,” Shira said.

In a message, Balfin Group President, Mr. Samir Mane, thanked “Stop” TV Show and “Fundjava Ndryshe”. “I congratulate all ‘Stop’’s TV show staff, Saimir, Gent, Arbri from ‘Fundjava Ndryshe’ and everyone who helped this family in a record time. Undoubtedly, I greet the staff of my company that was tirelessly working day and night, so that the New Year would find Shima family in a new, more beautiful and better home. During 2018 we did a lot, helped many families in need, helped many people and children in need. Undoubtedly, most of these aids are not part of the public communication. We gladly help people in need and I am sure that for 2019 Balfin Group and I personally will have a sufficient focus to deal with families in need, of course with funds bigger than those of 2018. I wish Shira family the best for 2019, joy, happiness, and hope that this little help we have given lasts forever” – said Mr. Mane.

President Mane, through Balfin Group, has been committed to continue to pay unlimited attention to people in need. Balfin Group has been heavily involved in social responsibility over the past three years with special attention to various family categories or individuals in need where there are many sad stories that the group has tried to change for good.

Of these, we can mention the extreme poverty cases of families in Kashar (administrative unit in Tirana), the case of the Nipolli family in Çengelaj of Peqin or that of Ms. Silvana, a women with special needs in Delvina. In June, Balfin’s group president directly stated in the “Opinion” TV show on Klan TV, that he took on all the expenses for the economic problems of the family Luka in Vora, a family where the mother of three girls was finding it very difficult to guarantee the livelihood of her daughters.

Mentioning only the co-operation with the Fundjava Ndryshe Foundation, Balfin Group is supporting over 35 families facing difficulties in employment, education or medical assistance. But the support that Balfin Group provides through this organization is only the half of the total support, because such contribution is also given through many other associations and organizations.