February 28, 2019
Direct employment after successful internships, 5 youth testify their experience in the Balfin Group

Many young people in Albania may have dilemmas and uncertainties during their university life, regarding opportunities and prospects of professional development in the future. Often, girls and boys full of energies do not have much confidence in addressing internships as they judge it as exploitation or loss of time, from where they cannot grow professionally. And not in vain, as there are not just a few the verified cases when this frustration derives from how it is operated in many ventures in our domestic market.

But fortunately the situation is not so hopeless everywhere.

These stereotypes are at the antithesis with what happens in reality in one of the largest corporations in Albania.

During 2018, out of 230 young people who have completed their professional practice at the Balfin Group, 33% of them have been employed by the companies of this business group, while a good part of them are employed in other companies thanks to the added value that their CV has received, because they have put their first career step into a safe professional environment.

So, as it can be understood by the figures, these internships are not just formalities, but a serious professional perspective for the future.

The majority of these internships were conducted by students of vocational schools in Elbasan and Bulqiza, where they also have very good employment opportunities in the mining sector, where Balfin group operates through AlbChrome. Balfin has invested in these schools with genuine programs in support of vocational training within its Social Responsibility policies.

Out of the total number of interns for the 2018 in Balfin, it turns out that 60% of them are from the country’s high schools, while 40% are University students.

These internships and employment gain even more value, given the gender balance in Balfin Group, where for the Albanian market the ratio of men and women employed is 60% versus 40%, as rarely in other institutions, whether public or private. This figure goes significantly in favor of girls and women, which are 55 percent of the total, if the group does not count the number of employees in the mining sector, which by nature is dominated by males.

Why is it so important for young people to undertake internships at companies like Balfin?

“In Balfin, we strongly believe that the practices we offer are a great opportunity for those students who aim to take the first step towards the labor market. They are given the opportunity to work and explore our professional environment. Students are thus in the spotlight and will benefit greatly from interacting with highly experienced professionals, without forgetting that they also create new and useful contacts and create a valuable network of recognitions for their professional future. Former Balfin’s interns know in the first place that the time spent in this group laid the foundation for their future career by significantly increasing their chances of applying for jobs, making them the most wanted as potential employees “– said the Group’s Human Resource Managers.

Balfin Group has official agreements about internships with the professional schools in Elbasan and Bulqiza, for which the company has invested directly, as well as other cooperation agreements on the practices with “Gjergji Canco” Professional High Schools in Tirana as well as with the Professional Commercial High school in Vlora. Also, the Group has very fruitful cooperation agreements for internships with universities such as Tirana Busines University, Epoka University, European University of Tirana, Tirana Professional College, New York University, Faculty of Economics of Tirana University and so on with many other Universities, public and private.

Experts point out that the most sought professional profiles of the moment are those in finance, human resources, marketing and information technology (IT) sectors.

Numerous practices are carried out in various business sectors by large Balfin companies such as Neptun, Spar Albania, Jumbo, AlbChrome, Acrem, Balfin Real Estate, etc., so below we are presenting some of them. We asked five young people who, after professional practice, were immediately employed.

Luizita Voda is 22 years old and an excellency graduated student by the University of Tirana ‘s Law Faculty. After a 4-month internship at Balfin’s headquarters, she is currently employed in the position of a jurist at the Legal Department of the Group.

“Balfin’s practice has been a golden opportunity not only to become part of the labor market, but also a challenging experience from the viewpoint of knowledge development and overcoming the boundaries that we set ourselves. The ongoing efforts to improve and the ability to be open to the dynamics and challenges of the daily routine are the characteristics gained as a result of work and cooperation with Balfin Group professionals who, unwillingly, become your example as a new employee, and shape your working mentality” – Luizita says about her successful experience.

Xhekson Koleci is 22 years old, has a Bachelor Degree in Economics Informatics at the University of Tirana and currently attends the Master Science Program in Information Systems in Economics. He has conducted a 4-month internship at the Department of Information Systems at the Balfin Group and says it has served for his professional growth.

Jackson says his immediate employment after the internship was challenging and motivating at the same time, but thanks to the support of his colleagues at the Information Systems Department he made it and today he is a Field Support Specialist.

Adela Braho is 21 years old pursuing Bachelor studies at the Business Administration branch at Tirana Business University. After a 3-month internship at AlbChrome, she has now been employed in the Specialist position at the Sales Department of this company.

“The practice followed by employment in Albchrome, l do consider as an added value, professionally but not only. I learned to work collectively and in a team, bear the responsibility for acting and communicating with higher levels, fit with discipline and provide valuable insights into a specific job, that of the mining industry. I consider it an essential step in my career, from which I am getting my professional forming for the future “– says Adela.

Dejvis Projku is a graduate of the “Canadian Institute of Technology CIT” in the Software Engineering branch. After a three-month internship at Balfin, he was employed as Field Implementation and Support Specialist. “The launch of Balfin’s internship was a new experience for me in such a company. Immediate employment after practice is very significant as you feel very valued,” he says.

Nensi Duli, 24, graduated in Environmental Engineering, after a three-month internship at Spar Albania, is now employed as a specialist in this company’s Finance Department.

“I immediately noticed the professional change of this internship to myself. Adapting to the work process and colleagues contributed greatly to me. Being part of a dynamic company makes you learn a lot. In addition to learning, this experience re-emphasized the importance of group work. My work and adjustment to the Department of Finance, although intense, is very harmonious, pleasant and I am happy to say that I am fortunate that today, after a three month Internship, I am part of the Finance Department at Spar Albania” – says Nensi.