September 18, 2017
DownTown Albania (DTA) – The most magnificent and modern project by the Balfin Group and the Kastrati Group comes in Tirana

The National territorial council on April 14, 2017 has approved the development license of the multifunctional building DTA – DownTown Albania. DTA is a special building with an investment value of 75 million euros. The building will be located on boulevard Bajram Curri, near ETC in Tirana.

This project is a joint venture of Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region, and Kastrati Group, the country’s largest fuel company and with investments in the fields of construction, insurance etc. DownTown Albania aims beyond of just developing an ambitious project, but also becoming an attraction for Tirana, as well as becoming a positive development for Albanian tourism. The project is conceived and designed with a unique architectural style as for this purpose one of the most innovative and best-of-breed studios in the world, Rotterdam-based MVRDV, has been acquired. 

London-based ARUP UK company, one of the largest in the world, is the company that will develop the project as a guarantee for a construction according to the parameters not previously applied in Albania but also in the Balkan region in terms of construction, which assures safety, style, elegance and special lifestyle for all its residents.  

DownTown Albania is the safest building in Albania in line with world projection and construction parameters, which includes a maximum earthquake protection system, a novelty in construction and first performed in this building. Meanwhile, the exterior facade of this building will have in its heart the map of Albania, which will add value not only to the look of the building but also to the entire surrounding area.

This building will be built as an important element of the city skyline, adding diversity and the impressive part in the urban context of Tirana. DownTown Albania consists of a total building area of about 1,528sqm, extending in a space of 3,812sqm.

DownTown Albania has a strategic location that offers incomparable access to the center of Tirana, central and local Institutions, the financial sector, transport, accommodation facilities and shopping centers. In a few minutes you will be in the heart of Tirana, with its unstoppable pace, both day and night, with restaurants, bars, clubs and so on. In just a few minutes you can enjoy the elegance and greenery of the Artificial Lake hills with clean air. 
Also, for the first time Tirana will have a building with a central system (HVAC, heating-cooling-ventilation)

The Down Town Albania building will be a multifunctional building that will provide a perfect combination between the concept of purchase (a part of the building will serve as a shopping mall) and the luxurious and stylish living where each of these functional spaces will have separate entrance and orientation. The aim is to create optimal living conditions in the common residential areas according to a comprehensive concept where residents will have the opportunity to live as in their “home”. The building will have 5 floors dedicated for parking, 1 floor dedicated for stores, 17 floors dedicated for offices, one floor for technical services and 16 storey floors.

Everyone who will stop in this building as well as its residents will have the opportunity to enjoy the city of Tirana at its best, the magical landscape created from the height. Along with its appearance, DownTown Albania will provide excellent natural ventilation and fresh air away from road contamination.