June 12, 2018
“Dyqan Taxi”, the leader of online sales in Albania, becomes part of the Balfin Group

“Dyqan Taxi”, the largest online retailer in Albania, is the latest addition to the Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and the region.

The ownership change of this company comes at a time when the trend of online shopping is growing progressively globally, where our country is certainly no exception.

Online purchases have a number of advantages, associated with lower costs and faster transport, more so when performing through a well-structured process from a highly-trusted investment group in the market such as the ranks of this group.

Online shopping is a fast-paced phenomenon in Albania, but as a new industry, it also carries various issues related to informality in this sector, disrespect of registered trademarks and copyrights, and so in turn.
The entry of the Balfin group in this sector is an added guarantee for further success towards its professionalism, seriousness and regulation.

With a wide variety of articles that are added day by day, “Dyqan Taxi” is present in the market since November 2011.

Today, this company counts over 60,000 clients in its 5 major portals, www.dyqantaxi.com, www.idedhuratash.al, www.bukinist.al, www.beba.al, www.sekret.al and delivers over 150 daily orders in every part of Albania.

Currently “Dyqan Taxi” employs over 50 employees who are all young with experience in this market that have enabled the company’s success over the years.
If traditional retail companies have their own limitations based on the information they have on customers or shelves that are available, there are no such restrictions on online trading for companies like “Dyqan Taxi”.

Electronic devices, smartphones tablets, men’s and women’s clothing, children’s toys, personal care items, home textiles, car accessories etc from the most popular brands are only a fraction of the extraordinary range of products that can be bought online at “Dyqan Taxi”, especially with the products and services of the large and successful companies of Balfin Group, such as Neptun, Jumbo, Spar, Mango, Spriengfield, Cortefiel and others.