January 27, 2023
Edlira Muka in a conversation about corporate culture

The CEO of BALFIN Group, Edlira Muka, was a participant in a panel discussion about corporate culture, organized by the Faculty of Economic, Political and Social Sciences at the Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel“, in Tirana.

Alessandro Doria, the CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, was also a panelist. Prof. Giuseppe Pio Macario, professor of Enterprise and Organizational Economics, started the conversation in the role of moderator by expressing his appraisal about the guests, as representatives of an international investment group and the largest bank in Italy. He said students will be introduced to how best practices are implemented in each organization.

“A good leader is not satisfied with the revenue for the company and the shareholders, they also create value for the employees and the surrounding communities. This is the difference between the leader and a manager,” was Edlira Muka’s point of view, also based on personal reflections throughout her career.

Dean of the Faculty of Economic, Political and Social Sciences, prof. Vittorio Teotonico treated the concepts of management and leadership as two mechanisms that aim at the same result but through different forms. Combining them with the element of human resources and business ethics is the winning formula.

Edlira Muka urged the present students to choose the profession they like and the company with the corporate culture that suits their values. “During your studies, get to know different companies closely and you will find it easier to start your professional career,” the CEO of BALFIN Group advised.

BALFIN Group has created the B4Students program, in support of students who want to pursue a professional internship or develop their entrepreneurial spirit. Thousands of students a year become part of B4Students, starting with professional internship at BALFIN Group companies, and continuing with employment opportunities and the implementation of their business ideas.