August 18, 2023
Elpina Caci: The biggest professional achievement, being part of BALFIN and Milsped

Elpina Caci – Finance Manager, Milsped Albania

Elpina Caci has been a part of BALFIN Group for 14 years, and since 2014, she heads the Finance Department at Milsped Albania. A professional needs an average of 10 years of experience to become an expert in a field. Elpina has naturally passed this milestone as well as many others. Her colleagues consider her a valuable asset for the company, while the top executives consider her an asset for the entire Group. Here is her interview about her 14-year career at BALFIN.

Describe your professional journey at BALFIN Group.

My journey at BALFIN started in 2010 as part of the Finance Department at Neptun. Coming from the school desks, it seemed to me that I started a new school within the Group. I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to have real professionals around me in the first steps of my career. They taught me to become what I am today, they were examples to follow and motivate me. After several years of professional growth, in the school of discipline, mistakes, and work, came the promotion as the Finance Manager of the newest company in the Group: Milsped Albania, which started its activity in 2014.

When was the moment you knew you had made the right decision to work at BALFIN Group?

Today I know that I made the right decision. Tomorrow I will probably be more convinced than today. BALFIN is a school with non-stop daily challenges. Daily professional reflection is part of me, and personal reflection is connected to the relationship I have with knowledge. Professionally wise, this company is an inexhaustible source of knowledge, so every day I am convinced that I am where I should be.

What are you most proud of in your career at BALFIN and Milsped?

Proud that I have not closed a single working day without saying my professional conviction to the end. Proud that in 10 years I have served as a point of reference for every new colleague, employee or administrator who has joined the company. Proud to work in a clear environment in terms of mission and vision. Proud of the professionals who are always ready to support colleagues in individual growth and quality of work. But the greatest pride I feel is that on the first day of Milsped Albania. I was there when the first stone of a house of success was laid, when the first foundation stone was laid for a predicted success that was confirmed and consolidated as the years went on.

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Describe a professional achievement that you believe also contributes to your personal success.

After almost a decade in the market, Milsped Albania turned from a new and unknown company for Albania, to the logistics leader, cooperating with some of the world’s biggest companies and brands – an achievement for which I personally and everyone at Milsped Albania feel proud about. But the biggest professional achievement is absolutely the fact that I am part of two very successful international groups, BALFIN and Milsped.

What is something that can only happen at BALFIN Group?

Custom-designed challenges for every type of individual, intelligence or potential. There are so many challenges within this corporation that anyone can find themselves, achieve success, and feel proud and fulfilled about themselves.

Describe the best day you’ve had at work.

I can say with full conviction that every day at work for me is a great day because I find happiness in small things: completing a project, closing a report, or reconciling an account. If I look back at almost 14 years, I think I haven’t lost the enthusiasm of the first days of work. Even on the most difficult days, passion and dedication have always made me feel happy and fulfilled.

However, I can highlight two milestones: that of the first contract we signed at Milsped Albania with a sugar company – perhaps it was fate that our company’s journey started sweetly; as well as when another company besides Milsped was added to my portfolio. It was one of the best moments for me, that with the insecurities of a young girl who was entrusted with a new project, another one was added. It was proof that I was on the right track.

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