November 11, 2022
Entrepreneurship Month, the CEO of BALFIN Group, Edlira Muka, meets the students of the Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana has launched the Entrepreneurship Month initiative, which represents a cycle of meetings with the top leaders of business companies in Albania. The first guest of this project was the CEO of the BALFIN Group, Edlira Muka, who shared with the students her professional experience, as well as personal advice, inspired by the management of one of the most important investment groups in the Western Balkans for almost 10 years.

The activity was led by lecturer and Vice Dean for Enterprise and Public Insititutions Relations, Dr. Martin Serreqi, who emphasized the importance of cooperation with private enterprises to the universitty, especially in supplementing the knowledge of students with practical experience. He added “I am very glad that we are starting this cycle of meetings with the leader of one of the most important groups in Albania and present in nine countries. BALFIN Group, in addition to its achievements in the business areas where it is present, is known for its continuous support to higher education.”

For more than an hour, Edlira Muka answered the questions of curious students about her career achievements, about BALFIN Group and what is required to be a successful leader even beyond the borders of Albania.

“I am a former student of the Faculty of Economics and, just like you, I have been to these auditoriums. Building a successful career starts when you are a student. If you haven’t started to see how the knowledge you are getting in the classrooms is applied, it may be too late when you finish your studies. I invite you to work and become part of professional internship programs as the only way to transform from students to successful professionals. Be demanding of yourself and choose the employer that guarantees you continuous growth,” she said.

BALFIN Group has also signed a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana for the support of the institution in the realization of academic plans. In addition, BALFIN Group has been implementing a program dedicated to higher education for two years. B4Students supports students in the development of professional practices in all companies of BALFIN Group. Part of this program is the support of students’ entrepreneurial ideas or their social initiatives with dedicated funds. Meanwhile, investments in improving the infrastructure of universities or the implementation of digital innovations such as the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, also receive special attention.