January 20, 2020
Extreme poverty of Kurti family comes to an end with the help of Balfin Group’s President Mr. Samir Mane

Following the call of “Fiks Fare” in November 2019, to assist the Kurti family from Klosi, who lived in miserable conditions, through the AlbChrome Company, Balfin Group President Mr. Samir Mane made the complete renovation and furnishing of his home a reality with all the necessary equipment, as well as the start of medical cures to their sick daughter.



The story of Kurti’s family touched the hearts of all Albanians, but now this family, among other things, will also receive a monthly pension with food from Spar Albania for a period of 3 years.

So far, the family’s sick daughter, little Rogerta, has received medical treatment and all expenses have been covered by Mr. Samir Mane. If after the completion of the therapy, the doctors consider that the girl needs surgery, then in this case all costs will be covered by the Balfin Fund.

CEO of Albchrome, Mr. Luan Saliaj was present during the consignation of the keys of a new house for the family and especially for the little girl Rogerta.

According to the organization “Fundjave Ndryshe”, which has identified the case, the house where the Kurti family lived was in horrible conditions. It was built byn some aids, only with brick, but it had no windows or doors. The children were sleeping on the floor and the only option to warm for them was a wood-burning stove.

Because of the impossible conditions, the father Shpëtimi, found it very difficult to always provide the wood, and on the other hand the lack of doors and windows added to the cold.

Now with the new home and nutritional and medical support, living will get much better for this family.

The Balfin Group pays special attention to social responsibility, to be closer to the communities and people in need and under the special care of the Group’s own president, Mr. Samir Mane implements a coordinated strategy for all Group companies, not only in Albania, but also in other countries where the Group operates.

Also for many years, Balfin supports with his fund many children with autism spectrum disorders.

Only in the last year, Balfin has allocated around € 1 million for various social causes.