June 14, 2024
Fjolla Ejupi’s small steps at Neptun Kosova, taken with prudence and patience

Fjolla Ejupi – Chief Accountant, Neptun Kosova

Fjolla Ejupi, Neptun Kosova’s Chief Accountant, is one of those special colleagues that finds vision and meaning in every day. From her very first position at Neptun’s first store 14 years ago, to the top of the corporate ladder where she remains, Fjolla looks at progress intrinsically, both on a personal and company level. This interview about her career is just as inspirational as she – a Neptun success story – is.

Fjolla, tell us about your professional journey at Neptun Kosova.

An early journey that turned into a school of life, in all its aspects. If I make a parallelism in the professional prism, it was like climbing the stairs one by one.

What were some key moments, or challenges, in your journey from the first store of Neptun Kosova, to the Finance Department as Chief Accountant?

In order to enjoy every moment with all the ups and downs, I lived the challenges and difficulties with the desire and will of a student, and the patience of a teacher. There were and continue to be difficulties, but these are exactly what help professional construction and enrich our experiences in life. Therefore, I have embraced them and lived them with the courage of a novice.

You have been at Neptun Kosova for 14 years. How has the company changed and what are some of the biggest improvements you’ve seen?

Change has affected many segments and of course those that are seen from outside are related to the expansion of the store chain, the brands we have in our portfolio, our credibility and good name, the trust of customers, as well as the leading position we have in the market. Meanwhile, internally we have grown as a staff and are learning every day to adapt to market changes, both technologically and economically, to keep ahead of the curve in our industry.

What was the moment when you knew you had made the right decision to work at Neptun?

From the first encounter with new and unknown situations, because I learned a lot from them and was educated professionally! I have learned that problems do not happen to the one who runs away from them, but to the one who finds the solution.

What are you most proud of in your career at Neptune?

Of my small steps, taken with prudence and patience!

Can you share with us the best advice you have received in your career?

Dedication is the key that opens every door, while patience is the mantra that gets you where you’re going!

Did you have a mentor or colleague who played an important role in your career development?

The desire to learn from everyone and to improve in everything. Will and inner desire to learn have been my most valuable mentor in all these years here.