June 17, 2016
For the first time in Albania, Balfin Group presents Commercial Papers

Balfin Group introduces for the first time in the Albanian market the Commercial Paper as an alternative for short and midterm investment opportunity, thus giving the proper support to the financial market in the country.

Balfin, as the most innovative group in the country, the leader in developing new ideas, becomes the front runner of new approaches offering financial instruments that are accompanied by a quick return on investment.  Because of the successful ideas in investments, Balfin Group is revolutionizing the Albanian market and the consumer behavior even further.

Commercial Papers are supported by the investment power of Balfin Group, which for 2015 had its’ most successful year identifying the Group as one of the most powerful investment groups in the Balkans with an annual turnover of over 500 mil euro and investments in more than 10 countries.  Every Commercial Paper will be offered in the amount of 10 million lek and the maximum amount in circulation will be 560 million leke. This amounts for less than 3 % of the Net Capital of the Group. The short term nature allows the investor to get back their investment in short time or to renovate it.  The commercial papers will be used to support Balfin group’s projects and fulfilling the needs for short term cash flow.