April 6, 2022
From a social club to a championship, the first edition of BALFIN Football League begins

BALFIN Football League officially began yesterday with the first four matches. Over 140 employees from different BALFIN Group companies responded to the call for participation in the championship, forming 9 company teams: BALFIN HQ, BALFIN IT, ACREM, Jumbo, Mane TCI, Neptun, Scan TV, SPAR, and Tirana Bank. Initiated as a Social Club, the championship is organized in cooperation with the Albanian Football Federation. This marks the first organization of its multitude in Albania.

Motivated by many employees’ interests in playing football with colleagues, the founders of the Football Social Club managed to turn it into a proper championship with professional referees, training sessions, and organized matches.

 “We established the football championship for two reasons: to involve more colleagues in pursuing a healthy lifestyle, as well as to socialize and enhance team spirit. For this purpose, BALFIN Social Clubs were set up. The football championship is a push and a tangible proof that other such similar can be set up and will be supported by the Group. The free initiative of each of us is enough. The fact that this championship is in cooperation with the Albanian Football Federation is an added value, and something that goes beyond what we had anticipated or expected in the beginning. We have tried to organize everything in detail, so that the progress is as good as possible,” said Sokol Kondi, PR & Events Manager at BALFIN Group, also the organizer of BALFIN Football League.

39 matches will take place in the span of 12 weeks, with a grand ceremony following the finale. But more surprises follow.

“This activity is important because we stay in shape, create new acquaintances, and get away from the daily monotony. Moreover, the winning team of the BALFIN Football League will have the opportunity to participate in the National Football Championship 5×5, where 150 teams from all over Albania participate,” said Jurgen Demneri, Director of Amateur Football, Albanian Football Federation.

BALFIN Group is an avid supporter of social clubs initiated by employees and sports. And when these two merge together, great things happen. Take BALFIN Runners Club for example – an organized club of track enthusiasts who run to promote an active lifestyle, and provide support for social causes, as they did in last year’s Tirana Marathon. The Volleyball Championship, on the other hand, is a historic tradition and a distinguished organization within BALFIN Group, which marks its 9th edition this year.