November 23, 2018
From extreme poverty to a decent life, President Mane inaugurates the new Shima family home between Ismail’s tears and the children’s joy

Another family emerged from poverty today in Albania and this is a joyous news for everyone.

Today in Kashar, on the suburbs of Tirana, the new home of Shima family was inaugurated, where now this family of five, will live in a house with decent conditions stepping away from poverty and misery.

Under the special care of Mr. Samir Mane, Balfin Group’s President, who was also present today at Shima family, the house was completely rebuilt and completed with new electro-household appliances.

This family’s terrible conditions and kids confession of being despised by some of their peers because of the economic situation was denounced a few months ago on the “Stop” TV-Show in TV Klan.

“So many nights l have slept without eating anything. There is no parent in the world that would like to tell to his child to search in the trash bins for food. But, I did not have a choice, otherwise l would never do that to my child. It is true that l cannot write or read, but can’t this state provide me a job?” – Mr. Ismail, the father of three boys sadly pronounced during that time.

“I went to school without eating nor drinking and my friends used to call me crummy. I’m so sorry about this and l know that daddy is very sorry too” – said through tears one of the children of this family.

Asked about what they wanted the most in this world, the kids answered: “We want to eat, I would like to fix this house, and have new beds because our bones hurt with the current ones”. “I would like to buy books and school supplies,” – said one of the juvenile brothers.

Upon hearing this case, Mr. Mane immediately took over into helping this family and without delays the work for the complete restoration of their house started.

The pictures of the previous state and the current state, after the restauration of the house speak themselves and do not need many comments.

Mr. Mane, too excited during the inauguration today, said:

“Now the kids will grow up and I’m sure better days will come, they will take over the situation. But at least for now the house is restored, the kids will now learn and later they will come to work at Neptun. Or they will become businessmen like me. Thank you, because without “Stop” and without Arbër, I would not have found this opportunity. All of what we made means a lot and I feel very excited about of what we did. No doubt, the financial side is one side, but also finding and identifying these cases is very important. I am excited and hope to have other collaborations in such cases. I know that this is never enough to fix everything, but if we cover a small part of it, it would be very positive. Thank you again for the opportunity” – stated Balfin Group’s President.

Extremely touched, with his voice shaking, Mr. Ismail, the father of three sons said crying: “I thank Samir Mane, ‘Stop’ and ‘Fundjavë Ndryshe’. My life without you was meaningless. I was in poverty, in its sludge. Thank you all”

Fortunately, Ismail has also found a job and can now withstand the most vital needs.

Arbër Hajdari, CEO of “Fundjava Ndryshe”, also expressed very grateful for Mr. Mane’s forthcoming donation.

“Mr. Mane was immediately ready to become part of this great initiative and not just in this case, but also for many other occasions and this is one of the things that I consider sacred, to give from yourself and despite that is just us the humans doing this, it feels divine. Besides thanking Mr. Mane for the contribution he has given, there is nothing left to say except from wishing to the children on enjoying the house and for us, to prepare for the next occasion, ” – said Mr.Hajdari.

Saimir Kodra, one of the hosts of the “Stop” TV-show, emphasized the importance of doing charity today.

“I really want to thank Samir, because it’s important to understand that it’s his personal money and I thank him outright. Finding support and good people like you is not easy in this country. There are different rich people, but maybe it’s time to make a very strong appeal to turn their attention to poor families, that are too many,” – Mr.Kodra said.

“I thank all the people who wake up one day in the morning and think of people other than their family or social circle, people they do not know at all and this is the greatness of charity” – said Gentian Zenelaj, the other co-host of the “Stop” TV-Show.

Balfin Group has been heavily involved in corporate social responsibility over the last three years and the company has shown special attention to various categories of families or individuals in need. Under the special care of Group’s President Mr.Mane, the number of sad stories that the group changed for good, are in continuous increase.

Of these, one can clearly mention the extreme poverty of Sorra family in Kashar, Tirana, which shocked and affected the entire public. Shortly before, Balfin Group rebuilt the house of this family, completely changing the living conditions.

Another case was that of Mrs.Silvana with special abilities from Delvina. The mother of two children lived in difficult economic conditions and her mother suffers from a mental illness. Balfin Group reacted immediately by fulfilling Silva’s desire to have a sewing machine, in order to enable her in earning income by practicing her profession. During the visit to Mrs. Silvana, representatives of Balfin Group, provided her with a significant amount of food products, which will continue in the next three years in the form of a monthly pension.

In June, Balfin Group’s president stated live in the TV-show “Opinion” in Klan TV, that he will undertake all the expenses for the economic problems of Luka family in Vora, a family where the mother of three girls had difficulties in guaranteeing the livelihood of her daughters.

Only in cooperation with the “Fundjava Ndryshe” Foundation, Balfin Group is supporting over 35 families facing difficulties in employment, education or medical assistance. But the support that Balfin Group provides through this organization is only half of total support, because such a contribution is also given to many associations and other organizations.