May 16, 2023
From Ordinary to Extraordinary: BALFIN Group’s managerial staff retreat in Costa Brava

“From Ordinary to Extraordinary” was the theme that gathered 90 senior managers and directors of BALFIN Group and its companies in Costa Brava, Spain, for a unique staff retreat, in honor of the Group’s 30th anniversary.

The President of BALFIN Group, Samir Mane, applauded senior management for their work. “The path we have gone through together as a team is more than extraordinary. Each and every one of you has given an indispensable contribution to shaping the prosperity of our Group,” he said in his welcoming speech.

The staff retreat began with a teambuilding session focused on transformational mindset and values that lead to excellence. Furthermore, the diverse team of managers had the chance to explore the magnificent Catalonian sights of Montserrat, a spectacular mountain range, home to one of Spain’s most important cultural sites.

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The retreat was an entertaining teambuilding opportunity, with participants saying they thoroughly enjoyed both the interactive session and sightseeing.

To BALFIN Group, recreational experiences that reinforce values and corporate culture are an annual tradition. This special retreat marked the largest gathering of senior management from the countries where BALFIN Group is present, serving as a unique occasion of strengthening team spirit across nations and industries.