January 16, 2019
Gifts from Jumbo Company to the children in need in Bulqiza and Dibra

Already a tradition, this New-Year holidays also found Jumbo, the largest toys shop in Albania and the Balkans, near the children of families in need.

At this end of year celebrations, in cooperation with two non-governmental organizations, “Vizion” and PLGP (Planning and Local Governance Project), an USAID-funded project, Jumbo, within the social responsibility policy of Balfin Group, was found near the children of Blliçë village in Dibra and Bulqiza, to give the little ones one more reason to smile.

Jumbo in cooperation with the non-governmental organization “Vizion” was initially present to the children’s kindergarten in Blliçë village in Dibër, donating toys to each of the 42 children in question, as well as didactic materials for the latter, to facilitate the work of the educators.

The cooperation with “Vision” NGO started after a philanthropy auction that was ran for the first time in Tirana in November 2018 under the motto “Giving Circles”.

Balfin Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Edlira Muka, at that time assumed, on behalf of Balfin, the support to the Blliçë village’s kindergarten, to enable a normal process for 57 children of this kindergarten, who were staying there under difficult conditions, without heat and minimal services. In addition to the financial support for the kindergarten, it was decided that toys would be gifted to all children too.

Jumbo in collaboration with PLGP provided also 33 gifts for children with special needs who come from families in need in the town of Bulqiza, families that are part of the city’s economic aid scheme, thus bringing a little joy to them.

Jumbo, like the entire Balfin Group, has often been near the children in need, as it is one of the most beloved brands for them.

Last Year, Jumbo celebrated the 1st of June with the students of Shkodra’s roma community, in “Liria” school, for whom special gifts were prepared. While earlier the company has donated toys to the children of the fallen policemen, as well as for the children with special needs in “Pëllumbat” center.

The company has a special plan and will continue to make an even greater contribution to the Albanian society during 2019.