March 1, 2023
Goce Boceski: Neptun Macedonia is my second family

Goce Boceski – CEO, Neptun Macedonia

Goce Boceski is the kind of CEO that takes organizational and retail challenges to heart. But what’s just as important, he is the kind of leader who puts vision, values, and culture first. Directing the country’s top electronics retailer requires a combination of both, coupled with the expertise and 360 degrees of experience of a professional like himself. In this interview, the CEO of Neptun Macedonia narrates a portion of his success story at BALFIN Group.

Describe your professional journey at BALFIN Group.

I have been with BALFIN Group for 6 years. I started at Neptun Macedonia as a Purchase Manager. Soon after, I became Sales Director, and in 2021, the Commercial & Marketing Director. In October last year, I took over the CEO position at Neptun and drove serious changes in the organizational structure of the company.

My previous experience was in production and distribution management as well as in real estate sales management.

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work at BALFIN Group?

Coming from a production and distribution business organized as VIR (vertically integrated retail) to ‘pure’ retail was an irresistible challenge. In a way, it also completed the circle of my professional journey. When I was approached by Neptun, I shortly hesitated not knowing its plans and ambitions. But Mr. Arsim Papraniku’s vision was very clear and inspiring. Now, I am part of the team making that vision come true.

What are you most proud of in your career at Neptun Macedonia?

Neptun Macedonia is my second family. Going through the good and not-so-good things together every day, and seeing others come to the office with joy and a competitive spirit, makes me feel alive and proud.

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Describe a recent professional achievement that you believe also contributes to your personal success.

Successfully restructuring the company management team in a time of extreme crisis in Macedonia was truly challenging and a huge stress test for the company. Not only has the team overcome the transitional period, but managed to provide support to several projects, such as digitalization.

What’s something that happened that can only happen at Neptun Macedonia?

Neptun Macedonia is a perfect mix of dominant corporate culture spiced with the minor substance of the local business in a good and unique way, taking the best of both worlds.

Describe the best day you’ve had at work.

My first day at the company is actually my best day at the company. The excitement, overwhelming impressions, and the suspense of the upcoming are hard to beat by any other day.

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