November 19, 2021
Green Coast equips the school and kindergartens in Himara

Students at the school “Gjik Bixhili” in Dhërmi this academic year can learn about information technology topics in a new computer lab. Green Coast equipped the school laboratory with the right infrastructure, so that teachers can better deliver curriculum subjects.

The principal of the school, Eva Petromilo, praised the cooperation and emphasized the value that technology receives today. “In addition to the learning topics, the laboratory gives the opportunity to our students and teachers to practice online learning, which has already become a necessity,” she said.

The Green Coast company also met the needs of kindergartens in the Himara area, with didactic and entertaining products appropriate to age groups of about 160 attending children.

Latif Drenofci, the Executive Director of Green Coast, was present at both institutions and stressed the commitment of the entire BALFIN Group to contribute to the community where it operates. He added that “contributing to education is helping towards a better society. Green Coast, as part of BALFIN Group, will be a constant supporter of education and culture in the Himara area and considers the local community a partner in its daily activities”.