August 13, 2020
Green Coast Resort & Residences becomes part of Exclusive Leisure & Travel Club

Green Coast Resort & Residencies, an investment of Balfin Group which is very prominent in Albania and Western Balkans,, is about to bring to life one of the most ambitious projects that will revolutionize Albanian tourism.

This company continues to astonish us not only for the impeccable project and unique architecture dwelling in the remarkable beach of Palasa, near Vlora, but also for their distinctive products and services.

The latter, is an innovation milestone for company which has presented an almost unknown product for the Albanian market. ”Exchange Service” also known as “Vacation Exchange platform” is the ultimate novelty of Green Coast.

This project, as a collaboration with “Interval International”, which is a worldwide leading company in the tourism industry, will enable all Green Coast residents to exchange their vacation residences within an extended network of more than 3,200 resorts located all over the world including the US, Bali, Tenerife, Dubai, Cornwell, Mexico, Brazil, Cayman Islands and many exotic locations.  Well-known resorts, indisputable worldwide tourism brands such as Marriott, Diamond Resort, Four Seasons, Anantara Club, Plaza, etc, from decades are member of this platform by operating successfully with Interval International. Established in 1976 with subsidiaries in 14 countries, Interval International operates in 80 different location across the US, Europe, Asia and South America by becoming a leader of this multimillion dollar industry.

It is an indisputable achievement for Green Coast Resort and Residences to become a member and collaborate with Interval International” declares Ms. Ledia Telhai, Executive Director of Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality the company managing sales, marketing and operations of Green Coast Resort and Residences.

“It is a complex process, where only thanks to the achieved standards in every detail we could have made this collaboration possible and become part of the most valued brand of worldwide resort network; a ‘scanning’ process of each component of this project, not only from the institutional and legal aspects but as well as each technical detail for constructing and furnishing the units, the quality of services and facilities offered to our clients. A full transparency considered a ‘safety passport’ is a must, not just to us but, to our clients as well”- declares Telhai.

Meanwhile, Darren Ettridge, Vice President of Resort Sales & Business Development (EMEAA), in the certification of this agreement, states that “The wonderful Albanian Riviera is now a huge attraction to foreign tourists and we’re thrilled to have been selected as the right partner to provide the vacations exchange service in the most premium resort of this stunning area.  Green Coast Resort & Residences fulfils at the best all quality standards and criteria, being clearly listed as one of the best vacations resorts in the world”

As a member of the Interval International network. Green Coast Resort & Residences has fully complied with the vigorous award criteria and quality standards required for admission. Your Interval Affiliation Plaque is evidence that your resort has been found to be among the world’s finest vacation ownership properties.

“The enrolment of  Green Coast in Interval International, offers a unique opportunity to Green Coast Resort and Residences clients, who with just a minimal quote can benefit from wonderful vacation experiences in resorts located all over the world members of this platform.  Each owner or co-owner (in case of joint ownership purchase and ‘timeshare’) who bought or will buy a villa or apartment, now can exchange his house with villas in the best resorts in the world. The same is valid also for foreign tourists of the resorts in question who choose to spend their vacations at Green Coast Resort & Residences.  We have applied a very easy practice of registration in this platform for every client who wants to enrol in it.  This is a prosperous beginning of the aimed success of this platform in our market”, – continues Ledia Telhai, who has followed every stage in achieving this collaboration.

The collaborating with international companies and worldwide leaders in the tourism industry, guarantees the absolute success of this new product in the Albanian market. Such programs and platforms are not just opportunities for the tourists, but they also have contribution in the economy and the development of this vital sector in our country. 

Similar initiatives and collaborations are helpful and may list Albania among the preferred tourist destinations in the world.