February 16, 2021
“Green Terraces”, Tirana Bank contributes to the the greenery of the capital city

Over the years, Tirana Bank has undertaken concrete campaigns on environment protection and to improve quality of life of the community, such as campaigns for a clean environment and the expansion of green spaces, raising awareness of climate change, building new playgrounds, etc., emphasizing the importance of implementing social responsibility policies and especially environmental ones.

We believe that all city actors, including public institutions and private businesses, should remain committed to the implementation of Social Responsibility Policies to serve the community and the environment.

On 12 February, Tirana Bank inaugurated the latest project “Green Terraces”. The initiative to promote a healthy and clean environment brought another successful cooperation with the Municipality of Tirana. The inauguration activity was attended by the Chief Executive Officer of Tirana Bank, Mr Dritan Mustafa and the Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Mrs Anuela Ristani.

 In his welcoming speech, Mr Dritan Mustafa said that “The expansion of residential areas and infrastructure of the city of Tirana requires special attention in terms of continuous improvement of quality of life and environment. This is the responsibility of both individual and collective nature. We express our commitment to the environment and the greenery of the city through projects of a symbolic nature, but with high ethical and social standards, as a value integrated into the philosophy of Tirana Bank”.

Mrs Ristani thanked Tirana Bank for the attention shown to projects with high impact on the community: “I am grateful that Tirana Bank, through social responsibility projects has made it possible to realize these common ideas, seemingly small but important and with impact for the city.”

Tirana Bank remains committed to providing its contribution to the environment and the community, staying faithful to the values ​​and principles of Social Responsibility Policies.