Nazar Beach, the ideal destination for anyone looking for the best

In recent years, tourism has become one of the most important sectors of the Albanian economy and is considered to have been growing steadily year after year. Albania is increasingly being recommended as a tourist destination by various international operators and renowned media, and as confirmed by official statistics from the Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), the number of tourists visiting Albania's natural and historical sites has increased significantly.

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AlbChrome’s transparency: $7 million in taxes per year, $12 million in salaries and $45 million in investments

When it comes to transparency, accountability and the contribution they make to the state budget and local government budgets, it is rare for companies in Albania to disclose figures daily. Only companies that have a serious reputation and are proud of the contribution of their work do so, which has a direct impact not only on the positive change of their employees' lives, but also on the communities where these companies operate.

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Balfin's voluntary employee contribution helps communities in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

Being responsible does not mean just being accountable for your actions, but paying special attention to those who, by their actions, find it impossible to be in the same position as many of us. Being responsible with nature, to the environment around us and where we live, to those who want to be educated but unable, or to people who for one reason or another, do not enjoy the warmth, support or attention many of us do, are just some of the dimensions of being accountable.

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