The Call of ‘Fiks Fare’, President of Balfin Group, Mr. Samir Mane comes to the aid of Kurti family in Klos

After the calling of “Fiks Fare” to help the Kurti family from the village of Gurrë i Vogël in Klos, that lives in miserable conditions, Balfin Group President Mr. Samir Mane, has undertaken through AlbChrome company, the rebuilding of their home, cures for their unhealthy daughter and providing them with food assistance for one year.

According to the organization "Fundjavë Ndryshe", who identified the case, the house where the Kurti family lives is in a terrible state. It is built by means of bare brick, and has no windows or doors. Children sleep on the floor and the only option to warm it is a wood stove. Because of poverty, Shpëtim finds it difficult to always provide wood, while having no doors or windows which adds to the cold. Shpëtimi, father of 8 children, is not working, as the village is very deep and does not have the means to provide income, while he has to take care of his family.

He is father of three boys who age 18, 15 and 3 and five girls, of the ages of 12, 10, 9, 3 and 2. His mother also lives with the family, which is one of the few economic resources to them, as an elderly pension of ALL 9,000 per month, as well as with financial assistance of ALL 10,000.
One of the daughters is in bad health conditions, as according to her parents when she was born she had a birthmark at her leg that got worse over time. This made it difficult for her to walk and the girl could not travel long distances, as this would cause her even more pain.
The family could not afford to buy her medicine to heal her wound.
Balfin Group President Samir Mane decided to support the family in question through the AlbChrome Company, which operates in Bulqiza, Burrel and Klos area, where the Kurti family lives.
The Group pays special attention to social responsibility, to be closer to communities and people in need and under the special care of the Group's president, who implements a coordinated strategy for all Balfin companies, not only in Albania, but also in other countries where the Group operates. Also for many years, Balfin supports with its funds many children with autism spectrum disorders.
As one of the few Albanian businesses focused on sustainable development of the communities where it operates, adhering to the SGDs (Sustainable Development Goals), the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Group has created a genuine action plan following the steps of many international companies.
Of the fund dedicated to this purpose in 2018 worth € 452,000, € 70,000 has been allocated to the “Fund-javë Ndryshe” Organization, while the rest of the fund has gone to help numerous communities in need in the country through community-based organizations, local and international, such as NGO Vision, Down Syndrome Albania, Worldvision, UNDP, Partner Albania and others.