Balfin Austria launches another exclusive project, this time in Vienna

Balfin Austria has begun developing a new project in Austria, the construction of two residential buildings, to be built on the border between district 18 and 19, which are two of Vienna's most exclusive areas.

Each of the facilities will be 5-storeys and layout configurations will have 1 or 2 entrances per floor, depending on market demand.

The project envisages a net living area of about 1050 m², is expected to be completed in 2022 and the investment value is around 8 million euros.

This is Balfin Austria's second project in the Central European country and the first one in Vienna.

Since October 2018, the Group has begun a residential project which is already near completion. The residential complex is located in the Altmünster area in Austria, which is a very popular tourist area, near Lake Traunsee.

The following projects will potentially be of the same typology.

Balfin Austria is a company of the Balfin Group, which was founded in April 2018 and operates in real estate development in Austria.

The company focuses on construction and major investments in construction such as the development of residential residential areas, villas and tourist resorts.