4 years of SPAR in Albania, continuos growth and support for local producers

4 years ago, SPAR was officially intriduced in the Albanian market. The supermarkets chain was initially created in Neatherlands, and became one of the biggest international chains on a global level. As part of BALFIN Group, in just 4 years, SPAR opened 58 markets in Albania and created around 1200 new jobs.

SPAR has significantly improved the standards in food trade, through customer service, quality control and food safety, giving opportunities to local producers and bringing the newest products from the European market.

The CEO of SPAR Albania, Elona Hametaj, is very satisfied for the company’s journey: “Every year we grow, improve, and become more indispensable for our customers. We are very proud that SPAR is the most reliable brand in the retail food market in Albania, being continuously supported by SPAR International with international products and best practices. Four years ago, we introduced SPAR brand in Albania with 10 markets and 2 hypermarkets, and today we have a total of 58 stores throughout Albania. In four years all this would not have been possible without the support of our associates, suppliers, staff and customers who trust us by choosing us every day. The achieved results make us work harder and harder in terms of expanding the network, improving our customer service, implementing innovations that will make the purchasing experience safer, faster and easier in SPAR stores and last, but not least, to continue to contributing on the communities where we operate through socially responsible initiatives, to reduce plastic, reduce product dumping and donations to the ones in need. ”

SPAR Albania trades over 40,000 items where 15% are local products. These products occupy 28.5% of SPAR’s turnover, making it among the most dedicated supporters of local producers and local entrepreneurs. Also, about 1100 items are fresh produce.

In addition to the highest quality Albanian products, SPAR is a provider of the best Italian, Austrian, German products of a special line of SPAR International or DeSPAR, from the best European manufacturers.

Today, SPAR serves an average of about 25,000 customers per day taking care that they make their purchases in a safe and clean environment with maximum hygiene standards because the health of our staff and customers is in the primary focus of the company. Also starting from March 2020, Spar Albania is offering to customers the opportunity to shop online through the application and platform www.sparshop.al. This new channel has been welcomed by consumers increasing sales every day.

During these 4 years, SPAR managed to expand its network of stores to the largest cities in the country, with the sole purpose of being ever closer to the customer. With 44,000m2 gross store area, in 4 years, SPAR Albania has become one of the largest networks in the country. With the ambitious expansion plan, by the end of this year SPAR will count 60 supermarkets and hypermarkets across the country and within 2021, the expansion will continue with 16 new markets, which is expected to increase the number of employees to over 1,600 employees.

SPAR was founded in 1932 in the Netherlands. SPAR International operates a network of hypermarkets and supermarkets in 44 countries and 4 continents, with over 13,700 stores. The company offers fresh, packaged food products, non-food products, animal products, etc.