€5 million investment and 15 thousand square meters/ Get introduced to BALFIN Group’s latest investment in Kosovo

BALFIN Group launched another major project in Kosovo.

A new Logistics Centre is now ultimately a reality on the suburbs of Pristina, an investment worth €5 million, with an area of about 15 thousand square meters which will serve as the new logistics centre to ‘Jumbo’, ‘Neptun’, and ‘Elektroservis’ companies, as well as to the head offices of Neptun and Elektroservis.

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Online employee training, BALFIN at the forefront for use of technology

The pandemic has caused many habits or expressions of people but also of societies to start and be modelled by challenging the physical distance we have been asked to keep. Technology has provided a great help here and a good opportunity to show how innovative the BALFIN Training Academy is, which offers to its employees the possibility to choose from a wide range of online training conducted by some of the world’s most prestigious institutions of the field.

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