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TBU - Tirana Business University

TBU-Tirana Business University is a university dedicated to Business Administration and Business Law in Albania. “Tirana Business University”, tries to fill in the need that business and economy have today for professionals of business administration and business law, equipped with contemporary knowledge and background to respond to new development conditions of the highly competitive global market. It started its activity in 2010 and has since grown to be a well reputed university in the country. This university has been established according to the most advanced and susscesul models of academic education, and teaching values of the best European Universities.

TBU values the partnership with Balfin Group not only in terms of financial support important in achievening its strategic goals in the future but also as an example fo successful partnership of european dimensions. Besides being an inspiring model Balfin Group offers to the students of the university concrete internship opportunities as well employment posibilities in the different companies of the Group.