BALFIN Group made its debut in the media sector in 2022 with the acquisition of Scan TV. The ambition of BALFIN Group is to build a media that addresses economic and business-related issues by providing complete, professional, and unbiased information from Albania and the region. BALFIN Group will invest to create an independent media that can answer to the expectations of a regional television dedicated to economic and business topics.

Scan TV

Scan TV, is the only media entirely focused on business and economics topics, covering any financial, commercial, industrial, and real estate operation of national and international interest. Established in 2001, Scan TV has been a point of reference and a credible source of information for viewers and other media alike.

As part of BALFIN Group, the television will continue to maintain the same economic profile, but with more opportunities to better perform its function for the benefit of the public, as an important voice of business.

Scan TV plans to cover North Macedonia and Kosovo as well, becoming the very first economic and business-oriented TV channel in the Western Balkans.