August 6, 2020
Jumbo Albania brings novelty in Vlora and Fier, and very good news from Greece

The consolidation and further expansion of Jumbo Albania is happening at a satisfactory pace during 2020.

This June, Jumbo Greece approved the opening of a central warehouse, dedicated to wholesale sales for Jumbo Albania. Thereby, JUMBO will come even closer to the customers through tge network of Spar stores and other partner stores by supplying them with the most demanded products, at the same price and quality.

For several years, JUMBO stores in Tirana and other big cities have been visited from all over Albania and now through this project it is intended for Jumbo products be offered as widely as possible, meeting the needs of everyone.

Jumbo’s success in meeting everyone’s needs and desires is not stopping this year either. In the last two years Jumbo opened stores in Fier, Shkodra, Durres and the newest store, in Elbasan, on March 1, 2020.

By the end of summer, it is planned for Jumbo to open its first store in Vlora, with an area of 1300 m2. This investment will create new jobs, employing over 20 employees, who will be at the service of customers of the store in Vlora every day of the week.

Also, in the city of Fier, it is planned a change of location moving the Jumbo store into a bigger and more accessible area, maintaining as well the european standards. The new store will be placed within the city, in “Gold” Center.

The novelty of the smaller stores lies in the operational concept, which thanks to the central warehouse, they operate independently from the mother company in Greece and under the total management of Jumbo Albania, starting from stock management, transportation and any other process leading to superior sales and customer service.

Jumbo ‘s main activity is trading toys and children’s items, books, stationery, decorations and seasonal products. Jumbo is the most beloved brand for children, but also for adults, due to the wide range it has, with over 30,000 products, their variety, unique design and the best prices on the market. 

In Albania, Jumbo has about 230 employees in all 6 of its stores. The company, as part of the Balfin Group, operates in 4 different markets in the Balkan region, namely: Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, with 18 stores.

BALFIN Group is one of the most important and successful investment groups in the Western Balkans region. Geographically, Balfin Group is present in Austria, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia.