November 23, 2022
Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina supports the Čika Jova Zmaj Kindergarten in Bijeljna

Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina’s six years of activity have been accompanied by several social initiatives, as corporate social responsibility has become an inseparable pillar of the company’s strategy. One of the latest is the donation to the Čika Jova Zmaj Kindergarten in Bijeljna, which coincided with the third anniversary of Jumbo’s store in the city.

The Čika Jova Zmaj Kindergarten in Bijeljina was founded in 1977 and currently cares for 560 children between the ages of 11 months and 6 years daily. Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovia’s equipped it with new beds for children and furnished the outdoor playground, contributing to their daily needs.

“Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina is committed to helping the most vulnerable groups of the local community. Earlier this year, we contributed to the Center for Children and Youth with Special Needs Los Rosales, and now we are happy to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Jumbo’s store in Bijeljina with the support for the Čika Jova Zmaj Kindergarten,“ said Dino Šuta, the Director of Jumbo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina and their management for this valuable donation, which aims to create better conditions for the children’s stay in our institution. I hope that we will continue this cooperation in the future and enable better care and upbringing for our children,“ said Slaviša Vujkanović, Director of the Čika Jova Zmaj kindergarten

During the holiday season, Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina will take special care to delight underprivileged children throughout country with unique gifts, giving their mission of spreading smiles a special meaning.