December 29, 2022
Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina supports the Hasnija Omanović Kindergarten in Cazin

Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina sealed the festive last month of 2022 with a successful community project, this time in the Hasnija Omanović Kindergarten in Cazin. The official franchise operator of Jumbo, which has been operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina for six years, accompanies its commercial activity with CSR projects, and continuously strives to repay the community’s trust.

The company aimed to support the youngest population in Cazin, the most populous municipality of the Una-Sana Canton. The management of the Hasnija Omanović Kindergarten had appealed for a donation of furniture and necessary equipment, to expand its capacity but also to renovate day care centers that still use equipment and furniture from the period when this kindergarten was built in 1976. Given that this is the most sensitive category of the population, Jumbo responded to their call and sent a valuable donation, in order to ensure the highest possible quality of stay for the children of this public institution.

“Community care is one of the guiding principles of our business. We strive to have a positive impact on our surrounding environment with our activities and improve it however we can. Certainly, it gives us great pleasure when we can help our youngest fellow citizens, especially during the holidays. This time, Jumbo made a donation to the Hasnija Omanović Kindergarten in Cazin, and we are delighted to be part of such a beautiful and humane activity that focuses on community and family,” said Jumbo Country Manager, Dino Šuta.

The donation by Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina will facilitate the work of the employees in many ways, and provide the opportunity for all children to have the same quality stay. Elma Kanurić, the Director of the Hasnija Omanović Kindergarten in Cazin, expressed her satisfaction and gratitude for Jumbo’s contribution, and used the opportunity to point out the importance of the existence and sustainable operation of successful companies as such for the wider community.

At their last CSR activity, that of the donation to the Čika Jova Zmaj Kindergarten in Bijeljna, representatives of Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina announced that the company will take special care to delight underprivileged children throughout the country with unique gifts throughout the holiday season, giving their mission of spreading smiles a special meaning. Therefore, in addition to the aforementioned contribution, Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina also donated toys to the Association for 3,000 packages going to the most vulnerable children throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the upcoming year, Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue to contribute to the improvement of its surrounding community, as part of BALFIN Group’s overall CSR approach in all the countries where it is present.