December 13, 2017
JUMBO opens a new store in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Balfin Group expands the investment boundaries in the Balkans

On 1st of December 2017, JUMBO opened the second shop in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the very first in Banja Luka area, exceeding the limits again after the massive success of the new store opened in Sarajevo on 4th May of this year.

The citizens of Banja Luka had the opportunity to be introduced with a huge variety of products that Jumbo already offers to them and to celebrate and enjoy the new store opening.

Jumbo, KidzoneAmong dozens of guests, the opening ceremony was organized with the presence of the mayor of Banja Luka, Srdjan Amidzic, the Minister of Trade and Tourism for Republika Srpska, Pedrag Gluhajovic and The Director of the Kidzone Mr. Tojan Papajorgji. This event was attended by a large number of media and special guests.

Mr. Amidzic among other things expressed his satisfaction for this investment as an Albanian investment stressing that Banja Luka welcomes foreign investment and attributed Jumbo as an EU investment as well as an excellent employment opportunity, as JUMBO already counts more than 100 employees only in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mr. Papajorgji assured the participants that this is a continuation of the investments that KidZone and Balfin Group have planned in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Other investments, new stores will soon follow,” he said.

With a modern infrastructure and the latest technology used, the JUMBO store is positioned in one of the most well known areas of Banja Luka city, providing citizens the opportunity to benefit quality European standards and excellent service.

JUMBO, as part of Balfin Group, now counts 8 stores, four of them in Kosovo, two in Albania and two in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the next year JUMBO will also open two new stores in Bosnia, respectively in Mostar and Tuzla.

JUMBO was created for kids but now it is for the whole family!

JUMBO is part of Balfin Group, the largest and the most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region, which is well-known in the market with its brands such as TEG, QTU, Neptun, Spar Albania, and fashion brands like Mango, Cortefiel, Okaidi, and many more.