June 26, 2019
JUMBO opens the fourth shop in Bosnia, this is where the company is going to be opening its doors next

May was closed with exciting new releases by JUMBO. Hundreds of citizens in the city of Cazin in Bosnia and Herzegovina welcomed JUMBO at the city’s new shopping center and embraced this expansion that was very well undertaken by meeting their needs, mainly for decor, textiles, toys, stationery, gardening, sports, seasonal products etc.

Cazin is a city in the north-western part of Bosnia and has a population of about 60,000. Positioned at Cazin’s largest shopping center (20,000 m2), part of which are many international brands, JUMBO is expected to be the first customer choice, and this was noted by the great interest since its opening days.

Currently, 30 employees are engaged in the store and new recruitments are expected to take place soon, to better respond to consumer demands.

JUMBO shop in Cazin has an area of 2,000m² and about 900m² warehouse providing sufficient stock to meet all the needs of the city and its surrounding areas.

Part of the inauguration was Cazin Mayor, Mr. Nermin Ogresevic, who praised this innovation and wished success by encouraging such investments.

In Bosnia, Jumbo already counts 4 shops, with about 165 employees.

The company’s expansion continues

Kid Zone (Jumbo) is an Albanian company that has been operating for 8 years in 3 different markets in the Balkan region, with over 600 employees and 15 major stores. The company has an ambitious expansion plan for 2019, with expectations to debut in other regional markets and to significantly increase the number of employees, bringing it up to about 800.

Another ambitious Jumbo plan is the expansion to Montenegro, where the company will debut in Podgorica with its first shop soon, thus opening up 52 new jobs.

Jumbo’s innovation in the future will be the investment in a new market, beyond the Balkan region, specifically in Moldova.

For more information visit www.jumbo.al, you can also follow Jumbo on Facebook at “Jumbo Albania” and on Instagram at jumbo_albania.