May 4, 2017
KidZone, opens first shop JUMBO in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Balfin Group expands the investments borders in the Balkans

The Balfin Group expands the investment boundaries in the Balkans
On May 4th 2017, took place the inauguration ceremony of JUMBO’s first store in Bosnia, under the name of KidZone. All the citizens of Sarejevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, had the opportunity to be introduced to the variety of products that Jumbo offers for them, as well as enjoy and celebrate this new store opening. 

The event was officiated by Sarajevo’s Mayor, Mr. Abdulah Skaka and the CEO of KidZone, Mr. Tojan Papajorgji.

Mr. Skaka expressed the appreciation for this investment as an Albanian investment, stressing that Sarajevo is a city that welcomes foreign investments.

Mr. Papajorgji assured all the participants in the ceremony that this is just the beginning of all investments that KidZone and Balfin Group have planned in Bosnia. “New investments, new stores will soon follow the store we are inaugurating today,” he said.

This event was attended by special guests and media.

With a 4500 s.q.m area, now all customers have the opportunity to enjoy high quality products, diversity, and excellent services. Located at one of Sarajevo’s main streets, with modern infrastructure and technological standards, now JUMBO’s first store in Bosnia is an attraction for the entire city.

Under the name of Kid Zone, as part of Balfin Group, JUMBO counts 6 stores to date in Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia &Herzegovina.

Balfin Group is the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and in the Balkans.