September 26, 2018
Kosovo’s Parliament Speaker, Kadri Veseli meets Balfin’s President at Ferronikeli / Mane: Increasing production and investments in Kosovo

Kosovo’s Parliament Speaker, Kadri Veseli visited Newco Ferronikeli in Drenas today. During his visit he stressed the importance of this company not only for the Municipality of Drenas and its impact on creating the well-being of hundreds of workers in this region, but for the whole Kosovo, as it represents over 35% of export rate of the entire country, which proves that the state of Kosovo and its institutions welcome investors

“Everyone is satisfied that the Ferronikel factory has returned to work with full production capacity, as well as with the investments made by the new investor, Balfin Group. Our institutions will continue to provide strong support in expanding the operational and manufacturing capacities of this factory”, said Mr. Veseli.

During his visit, the Group’s President Mr. Samir Mane was also present, who stressed that the Group will continue to provide strong support to the newly acquired company.

“I will offer full support to Ferronikeli, in expanding production capacities, the creation of new job positions and close cooperation with its community”, emphasized Mr. Mane and Balfin Group have continued to support the work and invest sufficient funds in the Ferronikel manufacturing plant, aiming at further development and company stability.

Balfin Group has planned to make additional investments in Newco Ferronikeli so that the plant’s potential is achieved in full and to increase nickel production from 7,200 tons per year to over 10,000 tons per year. Newco Ferronikeli Company, with over 800 employees, represents the largest employer in Kosovo and is responsible for at least 1,000 other jobs related to the supply of raw material and other logistics services in Kosovo, as well as in Albania.

“This is the second investment we undertake in Kosovo. We have taken all the measures to make things work perfectly. For various business opportunities, when we look at these opportunities, we will definitely come and invest even more,” – said Mane.

Balfin Group is one of the largest private investment groups in South East Europe, with activities in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia, Austria and the Netherlands, as well as activities in the real estate development sector such as shopping malls in Albania and Macedonia, retail activities through its major brands such as Neptun, Jumbo, Spar etc. in the development of tourist resorts such as Green Coast and Vala Mar, as well as in the mining sector with AlbChrome in Albania and Newco Ferronikeli in Kosovo .