February 4, 2019
“Leasing Program” / Green Coast Resort in Albania, the most advantageous project!

Nowadays, financial income is one of the most essential issues for every family or business. Economics experts say that one of the simplest ways to gain financial independence is to reconsider your life in such a way that a significant portion of your income is not only profitably earned from your salary.

To achieve this, additional sources for income are also needed, as passive incomes. Passive incomes are something that requires very little effort to “flow”. Given the most positive experiences for passive incomes in the world, the main source to passive incomes is the lease from investments in real estate

As a company always in the forefront of innovative ideas, Green Coast comes with a new product for our market, a highly successful product for years in elite tourist resorts around the world. “Renting Program” or “Leasing Program” is the program offered by the Green Coast Resort in Palasa, with the purpose of quick return on investment and increased property value.

To learn more about this program, we met with representatives of the Sales Department at Balfin Real Estate, who with special pleasure responded to our questions:

How did you get the idea for this product and what exactly is the “Rental Program”?

When investing in real estate, the goal is not only to buy a property but also to set some money aside today, to pave their way of increasement in the future.

Based on their expertise and experience, sales managers say investment in real estate is conceptually simple, as simple as a “monopoly” game, as you understand the basic investment, economy, and risk factors. So to win, buy property and start generating income through rent. In this way it generates considerable income so that you can further invest in another property.

Exactly on this idea, Green Coast conceived the Rental Program, thanks to which the property purchased at the Green Coast Resort is not just an ideal home for habitation or vacation, but also serves as a fast-return of investment, ranging from 13 years. This program is fully managed by the specialized structure that Green Coast has set up and operates under the signing of a management agreement.

Part of this program can become anyone who has currently purchased a property at Green Coast Resort, or those who will buy in the future. Once customers become owners of a property at Green Coast Resort and want to benefit from the “Lease Program”, just a contact with our specialized facility is needed, that will work with maximum professionalism to lease property with pricing more favorable.

What are the benefits of the “Leasing Program” and who can benefit from it?

“Without knowledge, wealth quickly drops to those who have it, and with knowledge, wealth can be added to those who do not have it,” says American author George Clason.

It is very important to know how to invest in a smart way, so that the investment value comes back in a relatively short time. As part of an elite, well-organized, high-security resort with all the services needed both for residents and vacationers, the property that becomes part of the “Lease Program” is a very attractive investment for potential clients.

Investing in Green Coast, the most important project in the tourism sector of the Balfin Group, with a value of up to 100m euros, is not only safe but it guarantees the growth of investment value rapidly in the coming years. This is due to private and state investments focusing on the development of the tourism sector in the Albanian Riviera area.

So, customers who buy property in Green Coast and become part of the Lease Program have three main benefits among others:

Have as a vacation home a villa in the Green Coast Resort;

Accumulate passive income;

The value of their property will increase year after year and in case of re-sale, they still have the opportunity to earn from the initial purchase price.

Besides the owners of these units, the beneficiaries of this program are also the tenants, as thanks to the program, Green Coast Resort becomes tangible for anyone who wants to be part of the resort, enjoying all the benefits of a resident.

Located on the magic beach of Palas, the Green Coast Resort, which enjoys the status of “Strategic Investor with Special Procedure”, is the most important project of the Balfin Group in the field of tourism, with an investment value of around 100 million euros consisting of three sections: Residential residence (with villas and apartments for sale), seafront promenade which will function as a business entertainment center and a 5 star hotel.