January 9, 2019
Low temperatures in Bulqiza, Albchrome enable heating to the city’s hospital

The extremely low temperatures of recent days in Albania that have affected the whole country, and especially the city of Bulqiza, where the thermometer has dropped to 15 degrees below zero, AlbChrome, part of Balfin Group, operating in the mining sector in this city has taken immediate measures to help the city’s hospital.

In this hospital the heating was missing, but now the patients will no longer face such a problem, thanks to the donation that AlbChrome made, providing each room with a heating system.

The news has been conveyed by the Bulqiza hospital itself, which writes on Facebook:

“In these cool days for Bulqiza we have provided heating and services for all our hospital patients. In cooperation with Albchrome at the Bulqiza Hospital, 25 new heating aid machines were installed. We work to provide citizens with the right service and the proper health care”

Albchrome has undertaken such an initiative, within the framework of social responsibility, where the company has been engaged for at least three years. Shortly before, AlbChrome donated the IT-lab for the “Asllan Keta” high school in Bulqiza, and awarded scholarships to the best students from the city, who are now studying in Tirana at the Faculty of Geology and Mining.