July 31, 2023
Loyalty Summit: OnSolutions organizes the 2nd Edition

OnSolutions organized the second edition of the Loyalty Summit. The event brought together some of the local market leaders in retail, gastronomy, tourism, healthcare services, etc. to share their experiences and talk about world trends in the field of customer loyalty. This activity has turned into an annual ritual that brings innovation to the Albanian market and creates new partnerships.

At this summit, discussions focused on various issues such as improving customer experience, loyalty program development strategies, and using the latest technology to increase customer engagement and loyalty. In a world where competition is increasingly strong, the businesses of the Albanian market found the opportunity to learn from each other and to expand their horizons in the field of loyalty programs.

The CEO of OnSolutions, Aida Velaj, presented to the attendees the importance, trends, and latest technologies in the field of loyalty programs. She shared the experience of OnSolutions in the local market, highlighting the importance of the Happy program and its achievements year after year as a proven success.

A Loyalty Summit for Happy Partnerships

To increase the benefits of its members, Happy has opened its doors for cooperation with any business that aims to serve the community of over 500,000 members who are regular shoppers at Happy’s partner stores. Also, the Happy program has created through its application an ideal environment for Albanian businesses to promote their offers and improve their impact on the market. This app helps businesses leverage technology to create meaningful interactions with customers through push-up notifications, personalized messages, and delivery of exclusive offers.

Another important speaker at the summit was Vagelis Karalis, CEO of the Qivos platform. He emphasized the importance of artificial intelligence in today’s times (AI machine learning). “These technologies have fundamentally changed industries and empowered businesses in the digital age.”

Alexandros Kosenas, CEO of Neptun Albania, also shared the experiences of the long partnership with the Happy program. “Happy is one of the strong assets of Neptun’s success, which gives us the opportunity to differentiate our customers by offering them the best experience,” he said.

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Edmond Çera, Director of the Research Department at IDRA Research & Consulting, shared the latest market research statistics conducted in collaboration with OnSolutions about the expectations and requirements of customers of the Happy program. His presentation provided a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and their loyalty intentions.

The partner businesses invited to the summit showed a high level of engagement and interest in the topics presented. They demonstrated a willingness to share their successful experiences and discuss further after the event closed.

This second loyalty summit was a valuable opportunity to get to know the practices and innovations in the field of loyalty programs better, including the role of the Happy program as a unique solution in the Albanian market.