March 10, 2023
Maja Raickovic: At Jumbo, you learn hard work, persistence & accountability

Maja Raickovic – Junior Finance Officer, Jumbo Montenegro

In the past two years, Maja Raickovic of Jumbo Montenegro has stood out for her high accountability and desire to innovate. Recently, she has demonstrated the ability to fulfill duties above her rank during her manager’s maternity leave. Being a colleague the whole Finance Department and even the company could fully rely on in times of need has distinguished Maja all the way to Jumbo’s headquarters in Tirana, with senior management proudly asserting that she has outperformed their expectations.

Find out more about her story

Describe your professional journey at BALFIN Group.

I have been working at Jumbo as part of BALFIN Group for almost 2 years. I remember my first days being very hectic and challenging, especially when I realized how many people are working for the company and how the structure itself reflects the high ethical and business standards in practice. However, thanks to the trust that I was enjoying from the very beginning and the help from my colleagues, very soon I started to feel the corporate culture of BALFIN Group, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work at Jumbo?

Before joining Jumbo, I knew that it was a company that transmits positive energy to its customers. I assumed that there was a rolling mechanism behind hardworking people whose working environment is not as colorful as what you think of when mentioning Jumbo. However, very soon after joining, I realized Jumbo treats its employees the same as its customers. It’s a relation with a proactive approach full of trust and respect. It’s an environment which encourages a dynamic exchange of experiences among us and that is why I proudly say I work at Jumbo.

What are you most proud of in your career at Jumbo?

Jumbo’s environment has motivated me to start thinking and later on, plan how some processes and standards should be brought to another level. I could find myself thinking about how some procedures could be upgraded and advanced, even out of the office hours. I felt motivated to think outside of the box. But not only that, I was allowed to present my ideas and hear feedback. It’s a really big thing for me – to feel valued in a company, part of a Group that hires more than 5,000 people – thanks to your willingness to change and to turn thoughts into actions. There is no “just do your job” at Jumbo.

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Is there a recent professional achievement / challenge you’ve overcome that you believe also contributes to your personal success?

In a relatively short time frame, I had the opportunity to get familiar with so many new processes. I started to be responsible for more than I could imagine when I initially applied for this position. I got this opportunity very fast after joining. My quick adaptation to new circumstances is something I could point out as an achievement which had a great impact on my personal development.

What’s something that can only happen at Jumbo?

Remember those hectic and challenging days I mentioned earlier? They did not disappear, but great teamwork and joint vision make those days pleasant as well. Only Jumbo can give you that sense of belonging, mutual recognition, and motivation to unleash your full potential. At the same time, it also makes you learn what hard work, persistence, and accountability are.

Describe the best day you’ve had at work.

One of the best days for me at work was when I visited an old kindergarten in Podgorica. Together with colleagues, we handed over a donation in the name of the company. The gratitude and kindness of the people we met there motivated and inspired me. All the rest of the work for the day was twice easier than it seemed the day before.

A lesson Maja shares with the readers

At work, there will always be good and bad days, even periods. Periods when we feel tired, not contributing enough, or overwhelmed. But what should guide us in those times is the fact that we should always seek mutual help and embrace value in each other, all with the aim of making those bad days become good ones. It requires just a bit of effort, but brings joy and an opportunity to grow together as a team.