November 2, 2018
Mane TCI reveals QTU’s reconstruction technical secrets

Universe Shopping Center (QTU), first of its kind in Albania, has been under refurbishment during this year by the leader company in construction, Mane TCI. Now the Center comes bigger, with a new style and with updated systems.

Mane TCI ‘s Director of Technical Department, Erion AVRAM, said that the involvement of Mane TCI in this project had 2 focus points, one in volume and surface increase and the other in the renovation of main facade and interior premises.

One floor above the existing facility has been added to QTU, these linked through an atrium studied and implemented in such a way that the natural light from the high glass facades intertwines with artificial lighting. This floor is mainly dedicated to entertainment and gastronomy and the total area of the center now reaches about 36,000 m2.

In addition to its volume and surface increment, QTU will also come with a completely new look, starting from the external infrastructure, changes in interior premises as well as in the main facade. “This facade is of kapriata style, in which a glass and aluminum facade and 1167 decorative panels are implemented” – says the Director of the Technical Department Erion AVRAM.

Also the interior parts of the center will be fully modernized and will come with some architectural innovations such as: a natural light ceiling, which creates the idea of a ceiling floating in the air, multiple lighting, corridors with greater ease of passage and greenery added to the Food Court space.

One of the most difficult processes, considered as an engineering challenge by Mane TCI, has been the reinforcement of the foundations and other constructive elements with the implementation of carbon fibers as well as metal reinforcing elements. Despite the intervention in the existing structure and terrace’s dismantling, work routine inside the center has not been interrupted, thanks to the effort and organization in every detail.

It cannot be left unmentioned the realization of the metal structure for the additional floor, a difficult process in the conditions when the means of production and assembly for such structures are limited in our country. Its implementation was realized in a very short time thanks to the production in specialized factories with robotized systems abroad.

Such a project, with numerous engineering challenges and to be accomplished in such a short time, was challenging for the Company’s Human Resources department as well. The director of this department, Ermelinda NEZAJ said: “In this project we had a team combined among new employees and field experts, with a long managerial experience at Mane TCI. This combination proved to be very successful, as new and innovative ideas unified with several years of Mane TCI’s expertise, to provide the finalization of this very important project in such a short time “.

“The realization of these volumes in very short deadlines challenged the Department of Procurement and Logistics which preceded any process with contractors, expertise, the commitment to respond to the requirements of this specific project” – said the Head of the Procurement Department, Ardi Hafizi