August 2, 2021
More benefits for students thanks to the HAPPY Loyalty Program!

The HAPPY Card is the most innovative and largest Loyalty program in Albania, created to reward loyal customers for every purchase. The program is based on members’ purchases and combines the best brands in Albania under a single scheme. Currently, four companies are part of the program, but OnSolutions says that even more will join in the future.

The Student Card, created in 2019 by the Youth Agency of the Municipality of Tirana, is the means through which students benefit from many advantages, reduced fees and dedicated offers, both from public institutions and private entities which have joined the initiative of the Municipality of Tirana. The newest partner of this initiative is the innovative company OnSolutions.

“We are happy to present this cooperation with the Municipality of Tirana, which is the result of a very professional and tireless work of both our experts and the Youth Agency, to be as close as possible to the needs of students. The HAPPY program is growing, but we are particularly enthusiastic about involving students and enabling more benefits for them. As a loyal customer, you benefit from discounts and special offers that help you earn more points. While as a student equipped with a student card, in addition to special discounts with partners so far, you will now have the opportunity, to be part of the largest Loyalty program in Albania – HAPPY, with all the benefits that accompany it,” said Aida Velaj, Executive Director of OnSolutions.

What are these benefits?

  • Collection of points for each purchase and their spending at SPAR, NEPTUN, JUMBO, Fashion Group Albania stores.
  • 6 FREE coupons at the level of 6,000 points worth 3000 ALL distributed as follows:
    • 500 ALL in SPAR
    • 500 ALL in Neptune
    • 500 ALL in Jumbo
    • 500 ALL x 2 in Fashion Group Albania (Geox, Parfois, Mango, Springfield, Cortefiel, Carpisa, Prenatal, Okaidi, Woman‘Secret)
    • 500 ALL in CORTEFIEL (Fashion Group Albania)
  • 5 FREE coupons at the level of 10,000 points worth 6000 ALL distributed as follows:
    • 500 ALL in Spar
    • 500 ALL x 2 in Jumbo
    • 500 ALL in Fashion Group Albania (Geox, Parfois, Mango, Springfield, Cortefiel, Carpisa, Prenatal, Okaidi, Woman ’Secret)
    • 4000 ALL in Neptun (valid for purchases over 20,000 ALL)

Students will now also receive discounts dedicated only to them:

Neptune: 2% discount in the categories of telephones, IT, TV

              5% discount on categories MDA-FS, MDA-BIN, Climate, SDA & HPC and accessories

SPAR: 3% discount on the total bill

JUMBO: 3% discount on the total bill

Fashion Group Albania: 5% discount on every purchase / item of Springfield, Mango, Parfois, Carpisa brands

What else to do as new members of the HAPPY program? Follow the HAPPY card on social networks Instagram and Facebook to stay updated with news, as well as the shops where you can make future purchases. At HAPPY, the mission is the loyal customer’s experience. Learn more about a variety of personalized benefits, offers and coupons by contacting the trained team on dedicated web, telephone and whatsapp communication channels, which personalize campaigns based on customer preferences. Enjoy further shopping experience at all partner companies!

OnSolutions, one of the newest companies of BALFIN Group established in 2020, offers Customer Loyalty Programs, market research services and Customer Care services. OnSolutions manages Albania’s largest loyalty program, HAPPY, with nearly 300,000 members being rewarded each year. With expertise and innovation in focus, OnSolutions offers next-level experiences for customers.