January 23, 2024
Neptun Albania introduces Miele

Celebrating 30 years of commitment and sustainable growth, Neptun Albania has introduced Miele, a premium brand synonymous with innovation and longevity. Miele, known for crafting products designed to last 20 years on average, brings its global reputation for quality to Neptun’s customers across Albania.

By using the mantra “Immer Besser,” (always better) Miele commits to continuous improvement, by offering unique quality, long standing durability, cutting edge innovation, premium design & unparallel performance. All these valuable characteristics are consistently part of Miele΄s DNA the last 124 years.

The addition of Miele products to Neptun categories adds a touch of elegance and top-notch quality. Miele appliances are famed for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative technology. They represent a whole new level of sophistication, reliability and quality that aligns perfectly with what Neptun strives to offer.

Regarding this partnership, Thanos Kyriazis, the Managing Director of Miele Hellas, said that “Neptun is not only the undisputable leader in the electronics’ retail segment, but also shares common strategic aspirations and corporate values with us. The latter, coupled with the strong cross functional relationships we have built the last months while preparing for the launch of is new partnership, are core elements of our choice. I am absolutely convinced that the Miele brand can offer value to Neptun΄s demanding customers. Likewise, Miele can benefit significantly from the unique capabilities and experiences that Neptun has developed the last 30 years in the market.”

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Bringing Miele on board not only expands Neptun’s product range, but aslo offers customers a whole line of premium design & unparalleled performance. By introducing Miele, Neptun Albania is opening the door to a selected group of customers who appreciate not only superior performance, but also the elegance and uniqueness each appliance brings.