September 20, 2021
Neptun Albania is the winner of BALFIN Volley International Cup

The grand finale was result of two tournaments held in Albania and Kosovo, where 16 teams participated, with over 200 employees engaged and hundreds of other fans’ support.

Albania’s finalist, Neptun, won against New Co Ferronikeli, Kosovo’s champion, with the result 25-17, 25-20. Mane TCI, Albania’s champion, beat Jumbo Kosova, ranked second in the neighbouring country, with the result 25-14, 25-20. The challenges was judged by professional referees. In the final match, Neptun Albania triumphed over Mane TCI with a score of 26-24, 25-17. Edlira Muka, CEO of BALFIN Group, delivered the cup to the champion, Neptun Albania. The participants received medals and praise from their coaches, leaders and colleagues.

“We are especially enthusiastic as this was the first regional edition, where Kosovo also participated,” said Blendi Dashi, the captain of Neptun Albania.

“This BALFIN Volley edition showed us that with commitment, enthusiasm and sacrifice, we can achieve the impossible,” said Eugesta Jazi, the captain of Mane TCI.

“It’s a pleasure to participate in a championship of such magnitude organized by BALFIN Group, where we can socialize with fellow colleagues from other companies,” said Besart Avdiu, the captain of Jumbo Kosova.

“It’s a great organization, we tried our best and next year we will for sure do better,” said Lorent Morina, captain of New Co Ferronikeli.

In addition, a real celebration accompanied the activity during and after the matches, with participants, employees, their friends and family present.

“It is an extraordinary commitment of BALFIN Group, who has been organizing this activity for 8 years in a row now, with great enthusiasm,” said Artan Pogoni, Doctor of Sports Sciences and professional coach.

This year’s team participants were: Tirana Bank, Milsped/Stella Mare, BALFIN LLC, AlbChrome, Mane TCI, Neptun, Balfin Real Estate and Hospitality, Jumbo, Elektroservis, ACREM, On Solutions and SPAR Albania, as well as New Co Ferronikeli, Jumbo Kosova, Neptun Kosova and Elektro Servis Kosova. The entire championship’s organization has adhered to all anti-COVID measures also followed by the professional championships.

In the 8 editions organized in Albania, 5 editions were won by Neptun Albania, 1 by BALFIN LLC, 1 by Acrem and 1 by Mane TCI. Whereas in Kosovo, New Co Ferronikeli was proclaimed the champion of the first edition, that took place this year. This first International edition proclaimed Neptun Albania as the winner.

BALFIN Group is very proud to be among the few companies in the region to organize an internal activity of this scale. In the coming editions, an increased number of participants is foreseen, by including other countries where BALFIN Group companies operate, in order to continue promoting team spirit and fair play.